Shell Game?


So for all you frequent readers here at Reality Next… You well know that we often discuss how shadow governments and private central banks are really the ones who call the shots and are the ones responsible for most all the chaos in our world today. These somewhat nameless folks are known for funding both sides of conflicts in order to perpetuate their war machine, keep us in fear, and further tighten control of our personal liberty and freedom. All the while they think they have us convinced that it is all necessary for our own safety and security.

Are you convinced?

Now before we get right into what I want to talk about today I just want to share with you the following quote…

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety – Benjamin Franklin

This quote that is now about 260 years old has as much relevance now as it has ever had. It at least deserves some thought as we seem to now be a culture who are more than happy to surrender our freedoms in the name of safety without giving much thought to the long term consequences of doing so.

Now, what I want to talk about today is the funding of our new enemy ‘ISIS’ and their connection to our supposed to be friend, the United States Government. It seems there are some rather large conflicts of interests going on behind the scenes and I am sure there is much much more to the story than what has been leaked out. Either way the United States Government seems to be sleeping with the enemy.  How long this treasonous act is allowed to go on will depend I guess on how quickly the masses awaken to the deception.

The links I am talking about are well documented in a book written by Scott Bennett, a former Army intelligence officer and once private contractor to CIA.

I myself have not read the book as I have just recently discovered it, but the book has been described as the following by Scott, himself…

An epiphany of political-military intelligence, failure, and opportunity.

This is the true story of what might possibly be viewed by history as the greatest example of political corruption, military failure, and media conspiracy, in the history of the United States of America—if not Western Civilization. It spans the globe through the web of modern international banking, terrorist organizations, and the military-intelligence-media complex; and yet has remained hidden to most Americans because of Congressional cowardice and corruption, the Patriot Act’s unconstitutional authoritarianism, and the brain-numbing paranoia of constantly combating Islamic extremists (now, like National Security, conveniently redefined as an endlessly evolving term).

… a rallying cry which exposes a lie, emboldens readers to demand answers from their government officials, military officers, and journalists who’ve metastasized the lie, and leads people toward the renaissance of freedom and peace which only an information-privacy revolution can inspire—both in America and the world.

This is the story which occurred before Bradley Manning overflowed with conviction, and the story which eventually prompted and inspired Edward Snowden to help reveal the same information to the American people and the citizens of the free world.

The book “SHELL GAME” provides the paradigm for Americans to confirm their identity, shift their government and laws around, and firmly establish their future upon. The choice to read and be renewed, is entirely the reader’s.

It is hoped this information will empower you with the knowledge, confidence, and relationships that will make you powerful in the arena of public policy. As a leader of your community, and a liaison to the highest levels of the intelligence community, you now have the duty, the burden, and the blessing to enlighten your family, friends, and neighbors about your discoveries—and the feelings they inspire. Make no mistake, your family and friends’ freedom is dependent upon your work to awaken them; and as difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable, as arousing people content in their sleep can be, it is our spiritual calling and duty to do so. So I encourage you in your challenge.

Thank you for choosing to nourish your mind with truth, make a stand and fight against the tyranny of lies, and sojourn boldly into the kaleidescopic adventure of intelligence

I was going to edit and condense how Scott described his book, but after reading it again, I figured that they are his words and he put them together like that for a reason so I left them be.

The reason I stumbled across this book and the following video is because I was looking for further evidence that ties Western government to our newest and most recent enemy. I will let you watch the video and draw your own conclusion, but for those who do not have time I will quickly summarize it for you.

Scott Bennett’s story goes… He was an Army intelligence officer who was also contracted by the CIA to look into how and where terrorists groups got their money, or funding. His work led him to some very suspect sources of funding for terrorists groups at which point he sounded some alarm bells. Sadly though, rather then anyone looking closer into who was funding these terror groups, he was instead arrested and imprisoned of phony charges and relived of his duties. Out of sheer coincidence he ends up in prison with a Swiss banker who was also set up and on the run from another arm of the CIA as he had a lot of insider knowledge and account details about what sort of deals were being made on an international level through some Swiss bank accounts. Scott while still in prison at the time continues to draft reports and write letters to officials about what he knows, because he is still an Army intelligence officer who is determined to take the moral high road.

Link to Scott Bennett’s story

The story is still not over and it is a tall tale that reads like fiction, but is really the sad reality of how corrupt the the United States government has become with their obsession and support of the Military Industrial Complex.

Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us long ago

After the first world war all the factories in America that were used to build weapons and war machines were quickly retooled to build consumer goods and domestic products. After the second world war all the factories that were used to build weapons and war machines were not retooled at all. Instead they have been given massive amounts of funding and financial support and have now grown into this out of control entity that thrives on death, destruction and perpetual war.



Well now that the dust has somewhat settled after the Terrorist attacks in Paris, the new sentiment seems to be a delusional sense about refugees.

Before we get started let’s just do what I typically do to break things down. See, I am no English scholar, heck after I finished high school I could barely spell my name nor string a sentence together. Math was my forte’, not the languages. So, what did a guy like myself do when confronted with not having a good grasp of my first language? I got a dictionary. A small one that I could carry around with me so I could easily look up words, to learn to properly spell them, as well as to ensure I was using them in the proper context. I guess looking back I have come a long way. Far from perfect, but a work in progress. However, this blog post is not about my twisted learning curve of the English language. It’s about what many people are talking about these days. Syrian refugees.

So let’s look up refugee.

Refugee – A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

No where in that definition does it say Islamic militants.

Could they happen to slip through?


Should we close or borders to the ones who are genuinely fleeing war and wanting only to live in peace?


This is where people have an irrational fear of the unknown. Remember that the purpose of the main stream media is to foster fear amongst the population. Sadly they know that an ignorant and fearful population is much easier to herd, steer, and CONTROL. So far it is a smashing sucess.

One thing the main stream media likes to portray is that terrorism is strictly a one way street, or a single sided affair. This is not the case. Understand that we will never be told the truth through the main stream media and most of what we see is nothing more than half truths based on actual events that have been molded to fit the current agenda.

Now being that there is, indeed, two sides to every story we need to understand that the West has been bombing and invading the Middle East with intensity since George W Bush decided to unilaterally and illegally invade Iraq following 9/11. Now I am no Middle East expert, but I do know that bombing the shit out of a country and leaving a power vacuum behind amongst the rubble is going to have some side effects. The CIA actually has a term for this and it’s called blowback. All those displaced by the Iraq war had to end up somewhere, and I would guess some of them made there way to neighbouring Syria.

I feel like many people here fail to see how the events unfolding now are simply repercussions of bad decisions made over a decade ago. Of course the main stream media will not tell you this, and perhaps like many other questionable events it has indeed all been planned. Time will tell. If history is simply not just digitally deleted.

One more thing I want to touch on here before I close this post out with the original point I wanted to share. I had a written conversation recently that got me thinking. It is nice to share thoughts with wise and knowledgable people after all. The conversation was about the attacks in Paris and the point I was trying to make was what we just discussed. How terrorism has two sides to it. I suggested that the  world is full of good people, and that the good people vastly out numbered the bad. And he agreed, but also noted that it only took a dozen people to cripple the a city of 2.4 million. Paris. While I agreed on that, I also noted that it takes less than a dozen war planes to destroy an entire country, and that is the side of the story most rarely think about, or see.

So before you jump on the bandwagon of hating refugees, please take some time to think…

Perhaps look at your own bloodline, or look at the bloodlines of some of your closest friends and look just to see from where they came. Many fled Europe during the onset of the first world war, and many fled the violence of Nazi Germany in WW2. Many of those who did flee the Nazi’s then donned the uniform of their new found country and went to fight the enemy they fled. Just because people have the unfortunate circumstance of being caught in the middle of someone else war, doesn’t mean they want to fight. Many of these past refugees also went on to live peaceful lives and become productive members of a healthy society. Some may even be your parents or you grandparents.

The vast majority of people on this planet simply want to live in peace. Western Nations have not been very understanding or accommodating of this to the people of the Middle East in recent years.

A little understanding goes a long way. Please take some time to understand that things are not what they seem these days.

We are figuratively swimming in a sea of bullshit, while some poor family trying to escape violence is actually swimming in a sea to safety.

Let’s not deny them that right.

Canada has a huge land mass and the world is currently a messed up place.

Violence begets violence. Understanding is our only hope.

One day you just might be thankful that a stranger shows some compassion for you. There’s a good chance someone in your lineage was.

New Reality?


Well unless you are living under a rock or completely disconnected and off the grid, in which case you won’t be reading this; you have heard of the tragic news about what went down  in Paris.

It is sad, sad news that this day in age with all our apparent knowledge and wisdom that events like this happen. This tragedy should have been and could have been avoided, but sadly it was not. The death count real, horror and loss for many, for those who have been affected, will never be forgotten.

Now as sad as this, or these tragic events are, what I find more disturbing is…

What comes after?

What comes next?

What happened in Paris is a direct result of the war on terror. Sadly, this and these tragic events will be used to further ratchet up security and chisel away at our civil liberties and freedom. You see the war on terror is not about eliminating terror, rather it is about perpetuating terror.

Last night after all this happened I turned on The National to see how they were explaining the story. For those who may not know, The National is our nightly news here in Canada. Anyways, I wanted to see how the story was unfolding and being told. Those who understand the bigger picture and can see through the lies, realize that news broadcasts such as the National are nothing more than propaganda designed to manipulate your mind. Now, that being said. I still like to check in and see the story that millions are tuning into and looking to for direction and answers. Once you lift the veil and look closer you will see and understand what I am talking about.

What I am talking about here is listening to the almost scripted answers and story that the machine (see glossary) wants to get out. I certainly don’t believe that everyone who works for The National are in on a giant conspiracy, but I do think that many good intentioned people are unknowingly following along with a script and are oblivious to the bigger picture that most simply do not see. I want to start with what Peter Mansbridge was talking about when he had a select panel of guest on to talk about the events that just unfolded hours before. Peter was talking about the attacks that just happened, and mentioned that they happened only 10 months after the Charlie Hebdo shootings. While the panel was discussing what is going to happen when or if these attacks start happening with more and more frequency. And what happens when they start moving west? These are both hypothetical situations, but it is what they are choosing to talk about. It’s like they are putting it out there and spreading the fear in a scripted manner.

Just so you know, Peter Mansbridge was a 2010 bilderburg attendee and still working at the CBC, so that should give you an idea of who’s side he’s on. If he turned his back he likely would be retired, or looking for work. I bet he made a deal with the devil.

Another thing that was said by a woman on the panel was her direct mention of going forward in this New World Order, and how we may need to consider mass detention of (terrorists) citizens to keep us safe. I found it interesting how just a few days ago on remembrance day I watched a program on the National Geographic channel about WW2. They made mention that after the war when they spoke with German survivors; at the time most simply said that they did not see it coming. Afterwards they also couldn’t believe that they could not see it at the time.

If you think that propaganda ended with the liberation of Germany then you need to understand that modern and much more sophisticated propaganda techniques are working on you.

So the main point I want to make is that sadly there will be nothing learned from these terrorist attacks. Yes indeed what happened is an act of terror. But, what about the root cause of this act? Well.. The root cause will not be investigated, nor will it garner much attention. The main stream media, the M$M will do what it does to steer the herd into thinking that giving up our civil liberties and freedom is the answer, and that dropping more bombs on foreign lands will bring about peace at home.

We here in the west really need to understand the root cause of these terror attacks.

Are you ready, and or willing to peel back the layers and look at our own governments (Western) involvement with the current problems and call a spade a spade?

Most people aren’t

Most are blind, yet still demand an eye for an eye.

If you really think our current, or previous government has a vested interest in eliminating terrorism then one would have to think that they would address working closely with a known terrorist group. The terrorist group I am referring to is the one that has taken credit for these recent attacks has a much closer connection to the government of Canada than most understand.

Here is the clip that everyone in Canada should watch.

The Buried Canadian State Connection to ISIS

Now I posted the following link in a blog post I did in August and remember the video clip had about 4500 views at the time. Now it has about 10,000 which is still a minuscule number in the big picture.

Perhaps people really don’t want to know?

If you really don’t want to know; you have no reason to be upset with ISIS or any terrorist attacks in the future.

Let’s understand and try to stop the madness

Lest We Forget?


First of all Remembrance Day is a day to pay respect to those who have paid the ultimate price with their life through the tragedy of war. It is also a day to pay respect to those who are still caught in the middle and fighting current wars and conquests.

Let us not forget that there is still a war going on

Let us have sympathy to remember wisely, and the courage not to follow blindly

Thanks for joining us. I have a lot I want to share with you today.

The first thing I want to touch on is the current war that is going on, and has been now for almost 15 years. This current war is longer then both the first and second world wars combined. Not only that, there is absolutely no end in sight. Make no mistake this is not by chance, for the war on terror is a phoney war and it is purposely a perpetual war with no clear enemy.

A war with terror cannot be won, simply because war is terror.

Now, the reason I call the war on terror a phoney war is for the simple fact that; it is a war that by definition cannot be won. Thus making it a perpetual war. The reason that it is a war that cannot be won is because the enemy is not clearly defined. Having an enemy named terror means having an enemy that can be changed, molded, or modified to suit any given circumstance, at any given time.

The war profiteers know this.

We need to understand this.

Let us have the sympathy to remember wisely, and the courage to not follow blindly

So who are the profiteers of war?

Let’s start with the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

It’s a book written by a guy that used to be a ‘consultant’ for the big international banks. He would go around the world trying to saddle countries with debt. See, the goal isn’t necessarily to get them to pay it off. They make that next to impossible – the goal is to force them to give up key assets as collateral when they can’t pay it off. That’s how the bankers end up owning the world.

Step 1: Convince a small group of idiotic politicians in power to incur massive debts
Step 2: Exert influence over them as you now have them ‘by the balls’
Step 3: If they don’t listen, have them ‘replaced’.
Step 4: When the debt is no longer sustainable, begin to confiscate assets that were used as collateral (such as hydroelectric plants, huge swathes of public buildings, mineral rights, agricultural land, etc)

Do any of these steps sound or look familiar? Well they should as we all know this is happening, and has been happening here in Canada. BTW, America you are next, and if these war profiteer bankers get their way, they will turn, and are turning your own military on you. Remember JADE Helm, mastering the human domain? It’s not about your safety. Anyways, one needs not look far here at home to see the privatization of public built and owned entities (most of which are profitable) at the time of confiscation, or acquisition.

This is why it is critical that we the people understand just what is going on for the simple fact that the system cannot exist without belief.

Now, since this corrupt system cannot exist without belief, this is where we come in.

Currently things are way too far gone at the upper levels to attempt to turn things around there. We need to work at a grass roots level. Together. Collectively we need to awaken and understand the things that we talk about here at Reality Next. We need to understand that most of the messages we are bombarded with daily from the main stream media are nothing more than lies that are used against us to further the agenda of the real crazies.

The International bankers.

I had a grandfather who fought in the second world war. Thankfully, he returned home safely. He was sent to foreign land to fight against fascist leader (Hitler) who was democratically elected and rose to power following economic and political unrest of the time. If you think this sort of thing cannot happen again you are being far too naive.

Lest we forget

And best we understand

Understanding is really the only way forward at this point. Yes, some details might be down right frightening. Yes, some details may be upsetting to your beliefs, but without first understanding the problem, we are simply doomed to continue down this road of profiteering war.

The rules being laid out for us to follow by a small group of nameless men who hide behind the scenes are getting to be asinine. These rules and deals that are hammered out behind closed doors are unjust and by very definition they are treason. These rules however need to be enforced, because without enforcement they are meaningless. This is why we collectively need to understand what is happening and why.

The system cannot exist without belief

Remember the entire holocaust was nothing more than people following orders

Lest we forget the tragedy of war

Lest we forget to understand the bigger picture and the root cause of war

War is terror, and terror is war

Please take some time today to remember the fallen soldiers of the past

Please take some time to give some thoughts to the brave men and women serving today

Please take some time to understand that the men and women serving today are doing so for a Nobel cause that we have been sold

Please take some time to understand that this Nobel cause we have been sold is nothing more than propaganda to perpetuate an unjust system

Please take some time today to understand that the world would be a much safer place if we were free from the grips of these unnamed International bankers

Hypnotized from the day we were born

Lest we forget who the real criminals are

Green Liberation?


Welcome back.

I sure would like to post more, but honestly I just need time to refresh, recharge, and reload. So bare with us here at Reality Next as there is still no shortage of things to talk about here without being repetitive. For those of you who may not know, I am a regular reader of another great blog and sometimes draw inspiration for posts here from the comments section of that blog. The blog I am referring to just happens to be Canada’s number one personal finance blog known as The Greater Fool. The Greater Fool seems to draw quite a cohort of intelligent thinkers from North America and other parts of the world, leading to often interesting conversations in the comments section. A great source for inspirational subject matter here at Reality Next, such as today’s subject of Green Liberation?

So what is Green Liberation.

I want to discuss this new movement that is upon us, that until recently I had not thought of to be much the same as Women’s Liberation. However, after knowing what I know now about the women’s liberation movement, and putting some more pieces together I see they are pretty much the same only with a different subject matter, which we will get to. But, for now, and for those of you who have been paying attention and following along here at Reality Next you will know that the women’s liberation movement was funded by the Rockefeller Dynasty and was not about empowering women, but about taxing another half of the population that before woman’s lib was not taxable. For those who are just joining us or need a refresher – see here – Women’s Lib? The video with interview Aaron Russo is a must see.

So what is Green Liberation?

Green Liberation is my comparison of the new green initiative of today, to the women’s liberation movement of yesteryear. Both are founded on good intentions, but are, and were driven by a much more sinister plan. Don’t get me wrong I am not against women’s liberation, but I am against what it was really all about. Same with what I am calling green liberation. Great intentions; sinister plan.

I completely understand that many of our ecosystems are in ruff shape. I understand that climate change is upon us and rapidly increasing whether it is man made or just a natural cycle. This is a subject that quickly and often turns into a heated debate complete with name calling when even rationally discussed. Sadly, while we bicker no problems are solved, but that is not the point I want to make here. The point I am trying to make is that the elites, the real crazies want to tax us on climate change, and to me that is wrong. They print the money, they control the money, and quite simply if they really wanted to combat climate change or pollution (they are 2 different problems)  they could print the money and put us to work cleaning up this mess. They don’t. They would rather have us squabble amongst ourselves while they perpetuate this mess and tax us for creating it.

This environmental movement that gets so much traction in the main stream media is not about cleaning up or caring for this earth we call home. It’s about further taxation and utter control over or daily lives. See Agenda 21. This does not mean I do not support the grassroots movement for a cleaner greener earth, I do. I simply want to point out that we are being baited with a barbed hook by the real crazies over climate change. Don’t take the bait, learn to question what we are told not to a see through the deception.

I understand that it is hard not to take the bait. I mean what sort of rational thinking person doesn’t want to do their part to help make this world a better and more inhabitable place. I know I do. I also know these carbon taxes they are touting to be our saviour are only going to end up being nothing more than another tax burden on the middle class. Furthermore the real crazies plan on using environmentalism and protection of the environment to limit our personal freedoms. For those who can read between the lines and have been following along with Agenda 21 will understand this. Soon some forests will be deemed so precious that humans will not be allowed in, all the while showing complete disregard for complete ecosystems that support life.

All I ask is that you think about the bigger picture when it comes to looking at, addressing and understanding climate change. Understand and be aware that there is a bigger and more sinister plan behind all this. They, the real crazies want it all, they actually think they deserve it. They want every last cent we earn and they want complete control over our daily lives. Sadly this is not fiction, but reality, and most people don’t see it coming.

Do you?

Will you?

Sadly the environment is the new crisis that is being used to further undermine our personal freedoms.

Let us not forget that the real crazies – the one’s who really call the shots – will never let a good crisis go to waste.

Liberty will not descend to a people; a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed – Charles Caleb Colton

Let us not let liberty slip away