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First off Happy New Year!!!

So now that we have made it this far; let’s proceed. I am not sure where you are at coming into 2016, but I myself do not want to focus on all of the problems of the world this coming year. This does not mean I am going to plead ignorance to what is going on. This does not mean I am going to put my head in the sand and pretend that everything is fine. It’s not. I am simply not going to focus on it or write about it so much. Now I know there are going to be events this coming year that will inspire me to write about them. Sadly probably more bad than good, but I don’t want these events to be my focus. Now if I do find a story or lead that I feel needs to be understood then I will be happy to share that information, but we will not be focusing on that. My apologies to those who are coming here and are just now learning about some of the corruption we write about here at Reality Next, consider the 51 blog posts from 2015 to be your crash course.

Now let’s move on.

I don’t need any further proof or evidence that the world is run by crooks and criminals, I am not going to sit here and write articles with links and proof about these subjects. To me this now seems past tense. How are we to get ahead if we are constantly chasing last weeks news about another problem, another shooting, another scandal, another terrorist attack? If you really want to get to the to the root of the problem I have already written plenty of articles to lead you down the appropriate path to understanding. What you do with that info is all up to you. You can decide for yourself like I have always preached. Don’t take every word I, or anyone writes as the gospel. Anyone. For I am only giving you simple clues and my observations on the world we live in. What I see and understand. Like many who choose to write, or create videos to share their knowledge, we don’t always get things right the first time. But, it’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about understanding and realizing that there will always be more questions than answers.

For true wisdom is knowing just how little we know

So what’s next?

Well now that I fully understand that the world is indeed run and currently ruled by criminals I see no point in constantly chasing after them to find out just what they are up to next. This only ensures that we are always one or several steps behind them, and they plan to leave us on the outside looking in. Knowing that, unless we see some miraculous change of events, we need to understand that they, (the real crazies) are indeed scheming and dreaming up ways to further tax and steal from us – understand that they are indeed making back room, closed door deals with their corporate counter parts to further enslave us – understand that they are writing laws that will favor the rights of corporations over the rights of humans and citizens – this makes the decision to take the focus from the problems, to possible solutions, that much easier.

You see the system that we are dependent on, which is the same very system that enslaves us is a system that is based on fear and ignorance. By keeping the herd (us) in constant and collective fear makes us much easier to manipulate and manage. Ignorance is also a key ingredient here, and I hope you also see how obvious this is. So without complete control by the state would the streets of this nation turn to total chaos? I think not. However, this is not what the state would have us believe.

Our ignorance is their power.

My hope for 2016 is to perhaps enlighten people to this energy shift that needs to take place to make this world a better place. My plan is also to learn more myself and share my knowledge with those who are ready and willing to learn about what it is going to take to turn things around for humanity. While we are living in tumultuous times remember that every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. There is a major shift that is taking place and I hope that you are open to the possibilities of what is to come. For I think it is safe to say that without any major change it is quite easy to see where more of the same is leading us.

I really do believe that right now humanity has lost its way. We are now stumbling and confused like a blindfolded child too dizzy to walk. We are mesmerized by a system that has been carefully crafted to silently muzzle and enslave us to the corporate powers and shadow government who really call the shots. I don’t know the answer, but I do know if we collectively decide not to change, then we still have made a choice.

I feel like we need to give less power and attention to the money printers and corporate criminals and develop and nurture a closer connection and balance with this earth. We should pay closer attention to the wisdom of people who have lived in harmony with this earth for thousands of years. The problems we face are not going to fix themselves…

But more of the same is completely insane

I feel like it is time to break this current cycle and open our minds to reach our full potential.

This is what I would like to explore here at Reality Next for 2016

Happy New Year…