The purpose or reason for this blog is to discuss and bring attention to what is happening in the world around us, and to exercise critical thinking skills. Which are becoming rare these days. We ‘the masses’ have been, and are being led astray by our governments and it is time that more people realize this and start thinking for themselves rather than listening to, and having faith in the ones who are in fact steering us in the wrong direction. It’s time we take a closer look and question some of the things we thought or think we know about the world around us.

Now I am not saying I have all the answers or know the ‘truth’ but I do know that from my research and observations over the last 20 years, that the stories we have been spoon fed by the MSM (main stream media) simply do not add up. My ultimate intentions for this blog is to bridge the gap between the ones who can easily see the direction we are going to the ones who cannot easily see the direction we are going, but who also know, or sense that something isn’t right with the world around us.

Uncovering the truth through all the lies is not an easy task, for secrets are kept secret for a reason, which is why they are secrets. I know through experience that we will not always get the story right the first time, but by questioning what we know, we exercise our critical thinking skills. Sadly these skills are not part of our formal education, quite the contrary actually.

With this blog I also want to exercise and use freedom of speech, a freedom we do still have, yet it is slowly being stripped away from us. My motto now is, use it or lose it. This is why I started this blog is to have some rational conversation about the elephant in the room, and share some thoughts and ideas about what we think we know of the world around us.

Now with this blog some of you will learn some things that you may find shocking and will even make you angry. Most people who have not yet learned this stuff will simply deny it, refer back to the fabricated story and put their head back in the sand simply because it’s easier. All I ask is that you think about these topics and then observe the world around you to see for yourself. Anger will not get us out of this mess. I know I was angry at the system for some time before realizing anger is not a good emotion to have in times like these. Rational thinking and conversation is what is really needed.

Ever wonder… Why is it that governments or the ruling elite are so concerned with words these days anyways?

Now let’s begin…