Ok. So unless you have been living under a rock for the entire start of 2016, or are just willfully ignorant. Perhaps in your own state of bliss? You will know that we are not off to a good start here in Canada and perhaps Globally. The former is true and I also suspect the latter to be true as well. So without getting into the details about most people being financial rocked during the first few weeks of the year. Let’s look at awakening. I know this may be difficult for some, but it pretty much has to happen on a massive scale for humanity to change it’s course. Now, unless you have been living under a rock or are willfully ignorant. Perhaps in your own state of bliss? Humanity desperately needs to change its course. For if we don’t we are heading straight towards the crapper in the fast lane.

Now awakening is going to happen at a different pace for different individuals. Thank goodness we are not all the same, and we should embrace our differences and learn from one another. None the less, like I stated earlier an awakening on a massive scale must happen for humanity to change its course. So let’s start here with the story of Major General Smedley Butler, who I’m going to consider a pioneer in the awakening department. Major General Smedley Butler was at the time of his death in 1940 the most decorated Marine in US history, with 5 medals for heroism. He served in all commission ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. He spent 33 years and four months of his life in active military service around the world and at the turn of the 20th century. You see Smedley Butler had an awakening towards the end of his Military service, and afterwards he became quite outspoken about the valuable lesson he had learned about the Military he had served. He had an awakening and decided to share with those who were interested with his view on his life of Military service. The following is a quote that I feel is more relevant now than it was at its time.

Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service

Here is a well done link to the first chapter of his book narrated in a short video (about 12min)

I wanted to share his story with you as we venture down this path of awakening. His story shows that it is never too late to understand. His story shows just how a carefully crafted system can exploit people and manipulate people and their thoughts in order to push a corrupt agenda. His story proves that even after being manipulated muscle for the corporate elite, there is still hope and a chance of awakening.

An ah ha moment if you will.

We have been conned into being slaves to an unjust system. We have been conned into thinking that this same system that limits our knowledge, limits our growth, and limits our spiritual awakening is in place only for our benefits. We are not the beneficiaries in this system like the puppeteers would have us believe. We are in fact building our own prison. A prison to which our collective ignorance and naivety towards the powers that be is the very cornerstone and foundation. We have long passed the comfort of quietly being able to look the other way. Most of the problems we face in this world are not caused by the majority of the people. Most of the problems we face in this world are caused by a very small minority of people who have duped us into believing their con.

This is why I believe that our only option at this point is to have a massive awakening on a global scale starting with us. Fighting or any sort of physical revolution is not at all possible. This is what they want, they have all the weapons, and all the guns. They currently have the mind control of hundreds of thousands of troops and millions and millions of people. The real war of the 21st century is the war on our minds. This is why we drastically need a spiritual evolution. We need to awaken and evolve to a state where we free our minds of fear. We need to understand the real message behind the carefully crafted and controlled messages we are fed daily through our regularly scheduled tee vee programming. We need to evolve to a state where our officers of the law and members of the military are awakened to serving moral laws. We need these people to understand that the laws and wars they are supporting are for that of the elite without morals. We need to understand this in order to help them also understand this. For as Major General Smedley Butler so eloquently put it…

Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service

Let’s all do what we can to awaken ourselves and awaken those around us to make this world a better place for all citizens of this earth.

Awakening is sometimes not easy, but like my father always said…

Many hands make light work

4 thoughts on “Awakening?

  1. So walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. Is it possible to work in the tar-sands and invest in the status quo (wall st.), and this kind of talk be taken seriously? Can you worship Mammon and the All too? Holding two opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time is insanity. What you are asking of us will require sacrifice…not having our cake and eat it too. Can you be an exploiter and identify with the exploited too…to be the oppressor and be the oppressed?
    “Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.”
    Hannah Arendt

    Are you a good German or a member of the white rose society?

    I don’t fully agree with this type of thinking, although I do understand your point.

    I also don’t agree with the work that I do at this point in time, but it has also allowed provides me with shelter, food, and the freedom to hopefully effect some positive change. I am very conscious of what and where I spend the money that I earn. Being aware of what is happening in the world does not mean I should go live off the grid in the forest. That’s a hard life to. People need community to survive. I am very aware of the long term impacts of my employment and and wise with what I earn and have do have an exit strategy. I have spent too many years of my life swimming against the current While I may not fully agree with the system I am a part of, I am doing my best to use this same system to my advantage help bring about some positive change in the world we all live.

    Like start up maintain and fund this free blog – Scott


  2. Hi there – Are you the same person as SWL* on I mean no disrespect, as you are probably trying to do some good, but the reason I ask is that I notice the same type of long-winded and vague dialogue on this blog as the posts on greaterfool. Yes, we need an awakening, and yes, we are being fed nonsense by the MSM, but what exactly are you referring to and what exactly are you proposing? You are not answering those questions, I suppose, for fear of being labelled as such and such and subsequently being pin-holed with guilt by association? I sense you are either genuinely seeking truth or you are a shill. Forgive me if I have erred in my evaluation either way. Nevertheless, I extend my wishes to share the knowledge I have accumulated with you here: this is the real test of your intentions. Have you never seen one of my posts on I was pushed off because the truth I freely dispersed there was making Garth and his clients uncomfortable. I find it impossible and most unlikely that Garth is not aware that politics, media, entertainment and sports are using actors with pseudonyms, many of which we have identified as family and we continue to identify more each week. Why he resists the obvious truth is beyond my understanding and I can only conjecture. He must be afraid of something. I am not. I await your response. – Disciple

    Yes this is SWL who regularly comments on the Greater Fool. I can assure you that I am no shill and am genuinely trying to help and seeking the truth. I don’t have all the answers, on the contrary I usually just find more question. The whole reason I started this blog was to venture out and discuss topics that I wanted to discuss. Garth has always been very fair with moderating his comments section, but like you I also sensed at times I was pushing his comfort zones with many subjects.

    Now I enjoy writing this blog as it has been a great tool for me to try to makes sense of things in a mixed up world. Another reason I started writing was to share the information that I had found and researched that most simply would not think to or take the time to. We live in the age of information and communication and I just felt that this was a medium I could use to hopefully bring about some positive change in the world we all live.

    Is it working?

    Beats me, but at least I am doing my part however small it may be – Scott


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