I was born in 1976 in Southern Ontario, Canada. I grew up and was raised on a small farm and enjoyed all aspects of life on the farm. Life on the farm provided me with an interesting way of seeing the world. I was never really into pop culture as a child, nor did I relish or excel at any team sports. Most often I could be found digging in the dirt, working the land, or my personal favorite, riding bikes.

I graduated high school in 1994 and immediately started trade school as a Millwright. During this time I worked in a machine and fabrication shop where one of the first things I learned after graduation was that my spelling and grammar was atrocious. This led me to wonder how could I have just completed 13 years of education and barely string together a coherent sentence without any spelling mistakes. Our education system is not what many think it is these days. I remember thinking I felt I learned more the first year I was out of school then I did my 13 years in it. Anyways After I completed my Millwright apprenticeship in 1998, I decided to make my way to the western part of the country. I took the train from Toronto to Jasper with a duffel bag and a mountain bike and decided to see how other people live. I made my way by chance to Vancouver Island in the spring of 1999 and have lived here since.

Making ones own way in a place where you do not know anyone is never easy and I have certainly had my share of difficult times. I did have a failed business attempt that almost bankrupted me, but other than that I have always made my living as a blue collar trades person working in random locations with a wide variety of people from all over Canada and around the world.

I am now at a point in my life where I feel I need to share some of the Knowledge I have learned along the way through research and observation. Now the topics I have chosen to study over the past 20 years are not typical subjects you would find in any current education curriculum. I have decided to speak up and do what I can to make a difference with positive change for future generations… Because if we continue to blindly follow our ‘leaders’ direction down this path we are going, well then I fear for the trap future generations are falling into with little choice for change.

Now let’s begin…