Cram It?

ignorance-is-optional1I’m confused as to how seemingly smart individuals can’t spot a bad deal when the numbers simply don’t add up?

This comes from a conversation I had with a gentleman (I will use that term loosely in this case) about the US Federal Reserve. It all started from a comment he had made about a book titled; The Creature From Jekyll Island by author G. Edward Griffin. The book is about the grand daddy of all Central banks the US Federal Reserve. So the comment he made was…

I don’t know whether losers are particularly attracted to this book, or whether its content turns otherwise sane people INTO losers — and I’d advise you all not to try to find out. It deserves a place on every loser’s bookshelf

This is where I became confused. Here is a seemingly smart man who claims to have read over 100 books on economics, yet he simply refuses to read a  book about the creation of the Federal Reserve. So I think to myself – how could a man who self proclaims to be an economics savant be so ignorant to the very creation of the Federal Reserve?

I know. Bizarre. Right.

So we had a rather respectful debate about the Federal Reserve until he was boxed in a corner about the some 16 trillion dollars that was given out by the Federal Reserve to private banks and institutions between Dec 2007 and June 2010. Keep in mind that this 16 trillion dollars was added to the public debt of America and given to private institutions, some domestic, others global. Now this self proclaimed economics expert had argued that this money (the 16 trillion) was used to bail out these banks and corporations during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) which we all remember. After all the media told us it had to happen. However, I question just how could no one at the Federal Reserve claim to have seen this coming? I suspect that the ones at the top knew all about it and may have even played a role in creating it.

But I will let you decide for yourself.

Now back to my debate with Ralph.

Once he was painted in a corner and out of long winded sentences most likely regurgitated from the 100 plus books on economics he had claimed to have read, he decided to get personal. I am always intrigued by people who attack me personally for sharing my simple observations of the world around me with them. Personal attacks (not physical thankfully) are something that I have grown used to given my questioning of the official narrative we are being fed. I have learned that if you are not going to homogenize with the herd and drink the same cool-ade then sometimes you will have to deal with pooh flingers, as I now call them. Since I have started writing this blog I seemed to have attracted a variety of pooh flingers. But that’s ok I can deal with it.

So during Ralph’s pooh flinging session, he brought up many things I wrote about right here at Reality Next. Some in more detail than others, but it was clear that he was indeed taking some time from his day to read what I had written. Now, although he did take some time from his day to read what I had written he didn’t take to most of the information presented here very well and even went so far as to say this…

Mental illness is no joke, especially the kind involving beliefs that the government is secretly poisoning its citizens, and acting on those beliefs to the extent of writing letters to said government. Some go on to act out violently. Getting help would probably improve Scott’s life regardless.

This I thought was a rather childish remark given Ralph’s own deliberate ignorance towards certain subjects that can easily be debated.

Let’s have a closer look.

So first off he attacks me about mental illness rather than debate the subject regarding the well documented and mostly proven theory about chemtrails, geoengineering and the spraying of our atmosphere with so far mostly unknown contaminants. You see Ralph could have easily just debated me on the subject to which I am quite knowledgable, but instead he chose to fling pooh. He learned nothing and celebrated his ignorance towards the subject.

Second he ridiculed me for actually writing my local MP to question the strange planes and mysterious trails I have noticed in the sky all over Canada for the past decade. I figure that inquiring minds need to know and that fair and honest questions were, and should be a part of a stable and healthy functioning society.

So you see how I find this behaviour confusing. Now since Ralph took the time to analyze me, I think perhaps we should take a closer look at Ralph from what we know of him.

First off Ralph seems to celebrate ignorance for fear he may learn something that will upset his current way of life and how he thinks the world really works. Ralph does not seem too concerned about future generations for he has his, and has made his living from a system based on lies, fear, greed, corruption, and his personal favourite ignorance. Ralph does not want to deal with the emotional discomforts of learning that the system that has served him so well throughout his life, is nothing more than promise notes printed on the backs of future generations.

I don’t personally know Ralph, but this post is not about Ralph personally. This post is to hopefully bring awareness to people like Ralph. To bring awareness to the importance of all the events happening in the world today. To help people understand that the system that has served so many people so very well in the past is severely flawed and broken for the future. I don’t have all the answers here, and I don’t always get the story right the first time, but I do put forth an honest effort into understanding. Understanding is what the world needs now more than ever. Much, much more than collective and celebrated ignorance towards matters that do and will effect each and every one of us alive today.

Ralph is simply an example, a metaphor for one of the problems we as a society face. We should not fear or be ignorant of things we do not understand. The problems we face are not going to go away, nor are they going to fix themselves.

Our current corrupt system feeds off our collective ignorance.

Don’t be a Ralph

For those who would like to know and understand more about the Federal Reserve; see the link below to a video explanation with author G. Edward Griffin himself.

A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Also If you are new here check out Funny Money? to read about what had previously been written here at Reality Next with regards to the US Federal Reserve

4 thoughts on “Cram It?

  1. I had read his comment, and thought it was quite out of place. I read all the comments there, and post my 2 cents worth almost daily.
    I do not take life very seriously. As a carbon based life form, at 64 years old I see little “up side” left. I have worked in various phases of transportation my entire life. Earned well, invested decently, and now life off the spoils of that and the government’s promises to retirees. Federal Reserve is nothing besides a monetary policy function. Should the dollar crash, or even lose it’s “world reserve currency” status, the U.S. will immediately be a 3rd world country. Fortunately, I live in an uncrowded place, where people can, and do “live off their land.” Not worried here.
    A city dweller might need to think further on things. We can do without many of the comforts if we were forced, but would not be particularly pleased by that development.
    Sometimes, we tend to overthink things. More often, I believe, we fail to think far enough ahead. Do I have all the answers? Don’t be silly, I am just trying to stay a few years out in my planning. Scott, not even sure that can be practical, as things change rapidly. One thing is worth pondering, that is without radio, TV, and the internet, how would my life be different?
    Could, would, should, when, and how is my life affected by these externals?
    I believe it would be largely unchanged. Therefore, how BIG an impact does the ‘ISIS’ news, the economy, even politics have on the Boomer? Dam little.

    Retired Boomer

  2. There are plenty of truths in the world but the Truth is fiction…always.

    There’s too much competition for high noon, the stars are brightest on a moonless night. Why is the owl wise? Because it can see in the dark.

    The real trick seems to be to develop the ability to see the optimism in the pessimism. The light doesn’t need to be lit up…


  3. Researching the Federal Reserve is interesting. I think most people fail to realize that it was the American Congress that made the Fed what it is today. It happened in 1917, I believe, when they directed the Fed to start buying government debt due to the US involvement in WWI. It was supposed to be a temporary measure and the Fed was supposed to return to it’s first intention which was a lender of last resort to the banks, that was entirely funded by the banks. Therefore, politicians can be blamed for what the Fed is today.


  4. Everyone puts their viewpoints under various headings. The viewpoints that match the narrative of the heading, stay under the heading.
    The viewpoints that do not, are conveniently ignored or forgotten.

    So while I appreciate that governments are supposedly killing us with chemtrails and food poisons and …consider this:

    There is a substance, insidious as it dissolves EVERYTHING. Nothing is immune. This substance has been the direct cause of hundreds of thousands of human deaths throughout history. The substance is used to torture and kill people, to force people to obey, and is exploited to make millions of dollars on the backs of the people.
    Clearly this substance is evil and must be permanently removed from our planet. Join me now – lets get rid of the evil water….h20….the bringer of doom.

    See? Just keep piling on ‘facts’ and you can make anything seem legit.

    This is the biggest cause for all the doom and gloom these days…the stitching together of facts – creating a veritable mountain of ‘facts’ that make your viewpoint seem solid in logic, and “truth”.

    Things are not as bad as they seem. Everyone isn’t out to get you.
    Sit back and LOL once in a while!

    As serious as I am about certain topics, ask anyone who knows me well and they will assure you that I do know how sit back, enjoy the moment, and most of all laugh out loud – Scott


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