Lest We Forget?


First of all Remembrance Day is a day to pay respect to those who have paid the ultimate price with their life through the tragedy of war. It is also a day to pay respect to those who are still caught in the middle and fighting current wars and conquests.

Let us not forget that there is still a war going on

Let us have sympathy to remember wisely, and the courage not to follow blindly

Thanks for joining us. I have a lot I want to share with you today.

The first thing I want to touch on is the current war that is going on, and has been now for almost 15 years. This current war is longer then both the first and second world wars combined. Not only that, there is absolutely no end in sight. Make no mistake this is not by chance, for the war on terror is a phoney war and it is purposely a perpetual war with no clear enemy.

A war with terror cannot be won, simply because war is terror.

Now, the reason I call the war on terror a phoney war is for the simple fact that; it is a war that by definition cannot be won. Thus making it a perpetual war. The reason that it is a war that cannot be won is because the enemy is not clearly defined. Having an enemy named terror means having an enemy that can be changed, molded, or modified to suit any given circumstance, at any given time.

The war profiteers know this.

We need to understand this.

Let us have the sympathy to remember wisely, and the courage to not follow blindly

So who are the profiteers of war?

Let’s start with the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

It’s a book written by a guy that used to be a ‘consultant’ for the big international banks. He would go around the world trying to saddle countries with debt. See, the goal isn’t necessarily to get them to pay it off. They make that next to impossible – the goal is to force them to give up key assets as collateral when they can’t pay it off. That’s how the bankers end up owning the world.

Step 1: Convince a small group of idiotic politicians in power to incur massive debts
Step 2: Exert influence over them as you now have them ‘by the balls’
Step 3: If they don’t listen, have them ‘replaced’.
Step 4: When the debt is no longer sustainable, begin to confiscate assets that were used as collateral (such as hydroelectric plants, huge swathes of public buildings, mineral rights, agricultural land, etc)

Do any of these steps sound or look familiar? Well they should as we all know this is happening, and has been happening here in Canada. BTW, America you are next, and if these war profiteer bankers get their way, they will turn, and are turning your own military on you. Remember JADE Helm, mastering the human domain? It’s not about your safety. Anyways, one needs not look far here at home to see the privatization of public built and owned entities (most of which are profitable) at the time of confiscation, or acquisition.

This is why it is critical that we the people understand just what is going on for the simple fact that the system cannot exist without belief.

Now, since this corrupt system cannot exist without belief, this is where we come in.

Currently things are way too far gone at the upper levels to attempt to turn things around there. We need to work at a grass roots level. Together. Collectively we need to awaken and understand the things that we talk about here at Reality Next. We need to understand that most of the messages we are bombarded with daily from the main stream media are nothing more than lies that are used against us to further the agenda of the real crazies.

The International bankers.

I had a grandfather who fought in the second world war. Thankfully, he returned home safely. He was sent to foreign land to fight against fascist leader (Hitler) who was democratically elected and rose to power following economic and political unrest of the time. If you think this sort of thing cannot happen again you are being far too naive.

Lest we forget

And best we understand

Understanding is really the only way forward at this point. Yes, some details might be down right frightening. Yes, some details may be upsetting to your beliefs, but without first understanding the problem, we are simply doomed to continue down this road of profiteering war.

The rules being laid out for us to follow by a small group of nameless men who hide behind the scenes are getting to be asinine. These rules and deals that are hammered out behind closed doors are unjust and by very definition they are treason. These rules however need to be enforced, because without enforcement they are meaningless. This is why we collectively need to understand what is happening and why.

The system cannot exist without belief

Remember the entire holocaust was nothing more than people following orders

Lest we forget the tragedy of war

Lest we forget to understand the bigger picture and the root cause of war

War is terror, and terror is war

Please take some time today to remember the fallen soldiers of the past

Please take some time to give some thoughts to the brave men and women serving today

Please take some time to understand that the men and women serving today are doing so for a Nobel cause that we have been sold

Please take some time to understand that this Nobel cause we have been sold is nothing more than propaganda to perpetuate an unjust system

Please take some time today to understand that the world would be a much safer place if we were free from the grips of these unnamed International bankers

Hypnotized from the day we were born

Lest we forget who the real criminals are