New Reality?


Well unless you are living under a rock or completely disconnected and off the grid, in which case you won’t be reading this; you have heard of the tragic news about what went down  in Paris.

It is sad, sad news that this day in age with all our apparent knowledge and wisdom that events like this happen. This tragedy should have been and could have been avoided, but sadly it was not. The death count real, horror and loss for many, for those who have been affected, will never be forgotten.

Now as sad as this, or these tragic events are, what I find more disturbing is…

What comes after?

What comes next?

What happened in Paris is a direct result of the war on terror. Sadly, this and these tragic events will be used to further ratchet up security and chisel away at our civil liberties and freedom. You see the war on terror is not about eliminating terror, rather it is about perpetuating terror.

Last night after all this happened I turned on The National to see how they were explaining the story. For those who may not know, The National is our nightly news here in Canada. Anyways, I wanted to see how the story was unfolding and being told. Those who understand the bigger picture and can see through the lies, realize that news broadcasts such as the National are nothing more than propaganda designed to manipulate your mind. Now, that being said. I still like to check in and see the story that millions are tuning into and looking to for direction and answers. Once you lift the veil and look closer you will see and understand what I am talking about.

What I am talking about here is listening to the almost scripted answers and story that the machine (see glossary) wants to get out. I certainly don’t believe that everyone who works for The National are in on a giant conspiracy, but I do think that many good intentioned people are unknowingly following along with a script and are oblivious to the bigger picture that most simply do not see. I want to start with what Peter Mansbridge was talking about when he had a select panel of guest on to talk about the events that just unfolded hours before. Peter was talking about the attacks that just happened, and mentioned that they happened only 10 months after the Charlie Hebdo shootings. While the panel was discussing what is going to happen when or if these attacks start happening with more and more frequency. And what happens when they start moving west? These are both hypothetical situations, but it is what they are choosing to talk about. It’s like they are putting it out there and spreading the fear in a scripted manner.

Just so you know, Peter Mansbridge was a 2010 bilderburg attendee and still working at the CBC, so that should give you an idea of who’s side he’s on. If he turned his back he likely would be retired, or looking for work. I bet he made a deal with the devil.

Another thing that was said by a woman on the panel was her direct mention of going forward in this New World Order, and how we may need to consider mass detention of (terrorists) citizens to keep us safe. I found it interesting how just a few days ago on remembrance day I watched a program on the National Geographic channel about WW2. They made mention that after the war when they spoke with German survivors; at the time most simply said that they did not see it coming. Afterwards they also couldn’t believe that they could not see it at the time.

If you think that propaganda ended with the liberation of Germany then you need to understand that modern and much more sophisticated propaganda techniques are working on you.

So the main point I want to make is that sadly there will be nothing learned from these terrorist attacks. Yes indeed what happened is an act of terror. But, what about the root cause of this act? Well.. The root cause will not be investigated, nor will it garner much attention. The main stream media, the M$M will do what it does to steer the herd into thinking that giving up our civil liberties and freedom is the answer, and that dropping more bombs on foreign lands will bring about peace at home.

We here in the west really need to understand the root cause of these terror attacks.

Are you ready, and or willing to peel back the layers and look at our own governments (Western) involvement with the current problems and call a spade a spade?

Most people aren’t

Most are blind, yet still demand an eye for an eye.

If you really think our current, or previous government has a vested interest in eliminating terrorism then one would have to think that they would address working closely with a known terrorist group. The terrorist group I am referring to is the one that has taken credit for these recent attacks has a much closer connection to the government of Canada than most understand.

Here is the clip that everyone in Canada should watch.

The Buried Canadian State Connection to ISIS

Now I posted the following link in a blog post I did in August and remember the video clip had about 4500 views at the time. Now it has about 10,000 which is still a minuscule number in the big picture.

Perhaps people really don’t want to know?

If you really don’t want to know; you have no reason to be upset with ISIS or any terrorist attacks in the future.

Let’s understand and try to stop the madness