The Con?


Alright, so we’ve been conned.

How bad is it?

Well from my point of view it’s bad.

Bad enough that very smart, well informed people still would rather believe the lie than accept reality. There is, I believe a reason for this. This reason we will get to in a minute, but first more about the lie. Now, there is a plethora of lies to choose from in our modern society, but let’s just stick to the banking and money supply lie for now. Now, before I explain why I feel that many, smart, well informed, intelligent, educated (there is a difference between intelligent and educated) people would rather stick with the lie than accept reality. We need a quick update on the lie that I am referring to.

Now if you are just joining us I suggest before you get too deep into this post you should consider reading my posts starting Sept 11th (only by coincidence btw) titled Funny Money? and read thru to What The BIS? published on Sept 22nd. Those 4 posts will bring you up to speed on what we are going to talk about quickly here. Now if you have been following along; great.

Let’s carry on.

Having a ‘Sovereign Nation’s’ money supply controlled by private banks has been and is a disaster to any Sovereign Nation’s freedom and a free market economy. That is the whole point. Now the problem we face is that many people who should see and understand this, down right refuse to acknowledge or accept this as reality. Now the classic argument you will get from most bankers and economists is that there is no way a Sovereign Nation can print it’s own money for they would simply just run the printing press without control; thus creating inflation, thus making the money worth less. Inflation. Now that is a very valid point. However, when you look a little closer, it’s merely a cleverly crafted answer that leads most people off the scent. The reason I say this is because printing money out of nothing is exactly what private banks do with one exception. They charge us (the tax payer) interest for this money they created out of nothing. Also, the Interest that they charge can never be paid off, because the actual money for the interest simply does not exist. It was not, and has never been created.

So this leads us to my original question of why. Why would people who should understand and comprehend this refuse to acknowledge or outright deny this?

The reason I feel that most do is simply because the current system works just good enough for them, and let’s face it; changing our current system could be disastrous to the status quo.

This leaves quite a conundrum.

Do we kick the can further down the road with hopes that the shit just doesn’t hit the fan on our watch?

Or, do we accept and understand that things are indeed messed up and it is no one person’s fault nor can one person fix it.

I prefer the latter, and hope you do to.

I suppose this is a perfect time to talk about change here in Canada. As you all know, as of yesterday we voted, and are now going to usher in a new leader. Now, I know this will divide many of us on this issue. Some are going to worry that our new ‘leader’ will run this economy into the ground. Some are going to be breathing a sigh of relief knowing that our previous ‘leader’ is out of office now and we are going to see some real change.

Well, do I have news for you.

Yes, we will see some subtle changes in the way we do business as a country. Some will be for the better, some will be for the worse. Never the less we will see some changes. However, if you think that our new ‘leader’ is going to be our saviour, or our demise. Think again. You need to understand that the new boss is the same as the old boss, and indeed our elected leader does not answer to the people they are elected to serve, but to the ones who control the money supply.

I think we have become far too dependent in looking to our governments and other people to supply use with easy answers. There are no easy answers, but there is one thing that is for sure; unless you are, or know and do business with a bilderburg attendee then you should understand that we are indeed all in this together.

I welcome this change in our government, but I also know full well that there will be no real change. The agenda to tax us, rob us, and further enslave us will press on. All the while most people will either openly deny it is happening or are just oblivious to it.

Until now?


Making a big deal of this dog and pony show of an election and the opposing political parties is just a further distraction from the real problem. The real problem lies not within any elected political party in power or the official opposition. The real problem lies amongst us and our collective and celebrated ignorance to who really call the shots.

One also might want to question why this story here you will never hear about on the m$m aka the main stream media

What are we really left with if we refuse to stand up for moral values?

What are we really left with if we refuse to stand up for justice and civil liberties?

We need not look to our elected ‘leaders’ for real change. For real change we need to look at ourselves.

We need a  better understanding of the celebrated lie we are living.

No one person is going to solve our problems, but one must understand the problem we need to solve.

Women’s Lib?


Ok. So we now if you have been paying attention and following along here at Reality Next you definitely understand that things are not quite what they seem. While there are no easy solutions to any of the problems we discuss here. Simply doing nothing will seal the fate of your generation, our generation, and future generations.

So let’s take a closer look into Pandora’s Box.

I have been wanting to make mention of Aaron Russo for sometime now, but have not yet found a way to fit him in here at Reality Next.  Aaron first caught my attention when I saw a short video clip of him speaking about the women’s liberation movement. Aaron seemed like a very genuine man when he spoke about the real truth behind this movement. However, in the first clip I seen of him, I did not catch his name or have any idea who he was or what he was all about. Well eventually I did figure out his name and decided to learn more about him.

Before we get too far into this post I suggest you watch this short (12min) interview with him so you can draw your own conclusion.

Now the reason I say draw your own conclusion is because that was, and is still my intentions behind this blog. I’ve always encouraged people to exercise their critical thinking skills, and encourage you to decide for yourself, what or who you want to believe. After all, even if we don’t all agree, at least thinking about things keeps the gears turning upstairs. All part of a healthy mind, body and soul.

I find that this short interview with Aaron sums up many of the topics we discuss here on this sometimes scary yet informative blog. The topic I am referring to is the foundation for a one world government and complete control over our lives via financial institutions run by secret group of unelected private bankers. Now I don’t suggest you take my word or anyone else’s word for this, but simple observation of the world around us tells a tall tale.

When I first started writing this post, my idea for the post was to discuss looking at, and thinking about things with a different perspective from what we have been taught or led to believe by what we see on tee vee. The women’s liberation snippet with Aaron just happened to be a good segue I guess.

Now is the time that we need to question things more and openly discuss the wrong doings and sometimes criminal behaviour by our elected ‘leaders’. My intentions are not to paint every politician with the same brush, but rather get people thinking about, and understanding what is really going on. Now obviously I don’t really know what is going on either, but I have been piecing the story together over the years, and this blog is just my way of sharing my research and observations.

A recent event with regards to the Federal election here in Canada that is worth some thought happened in a riding close to where I live on Vancouver Island. A Liberal candidate recently stepped down in her riding (after being told to, I would bet) over comments she made on her Facebook page in 2010. The CBC article (here) states that she made comments on her Facebook page that questioned the official story (which has holes big enough to drive a bus through ) about 9-11. Notice the post in the article has also been removed. Touchy subject I guess. My point with this, is that these sort of events require our thought and attention. Simply because, what I get from the events that transpired here is that this topic is not open for discussion. This tells me that no elected ‘leaders’ in this ‘free’ Nation are allowed to discuss any events on 9-11 other than the official story that has been spoon fed to us by the main stream media. This is a shady form of democracy.

Fact is that we have been told by insiders and warned about what is coming yet most still refuse to believe it. The late Aaron Russo became friends with Nick Rockefeller and perhaps Nick spilled too many beans to the wrong person (or the right person for our case) and the cat got out of the bag. Everything happens for a reason. Either way I will let you decide and let you observe what is happening once again so you can draw your own conclusion. Here is a link to a short video explaining Aaron’s connection and reason behind the insight he had.

The scary truth is worth some thought. This is where I find and see hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Box. The hope I see, is that we reach a critical mass of critical thinking which will then turn the tide of the power and control that the few hold over the many. For it is physically impossible for the few to hold and wield this power over the many without manipulation of our minds. For we need not fear the globalist, for without us I doubt they could feed themselves for a day. The real problem lies with their henchmen and the one’s who enforce and support their unjust system. That is why the more people who awaken and understand the system and what is really happening the better chance we all have for justice and freedom in this world.

I am a firm believer that the vast majority of people who inhabit this planet do not want to fight with one another. Most people simply want to live in peace and get on with their lives. This carefully crafted system of lies and manipulation is the real reason behind much of the conflict and inequality we face today.

Understanding this gives me hope that we can turn things around. It takes a long time to steer a big ship.

At the end of it all I know what side I’m on.

Which side do you prefer?

See the full interview (here) between Alex Jones and Aaron Russo.

RIP Aaron. Thanks for sharing.



One part of me wants to apologize for the break (that would be very Canadian of me), but on the other hand I need not apologize for anything. I write when I feel like writing and share what I have learned or discovered that might help readers navigate the choppy waters ahead. If you don’t believe me on that – you soon will. Soon it will be very clear and unavoidable what is coming. Now, before we get back into all of that I just want to give some thanks, for it is Thanksgiving day long weekend after all.

When I started writing this blog, I simply wanted to share with people who may be interested in the topics I research. I supposed I have always viewed the world slightly different than most, and I suppose everyone does. However, I was feeling like more people need to be aware and understand just what is going on. Now this research can be taxing and emotionally difficult at times and that is why one needs to step back and take a break from it all. Relax, the world is not coming to an end, but shit is definitely messed up and that turd is definitely precariously close to the fan.

Remember though, that this post is all about thanks. But, before we get to that I want to share with you all a quick story.

Last weekend we enjoyed a nice trip to Whistler to do some mountain biking. Whistler, what a place. If you have never been, let’s just say there is a reason people from all over the world flock to this place. Anyways, back to my story, but before I get started let me set the scene. The week leading up to this weekend was beautiful on the coast, not a cloud in the sky. Clear blue skies for days. Very refreshing, and also an important part to this story.

So, we were just getting ready to ride on our last day there and my friends were ahead of me as I went to park the truck, as I told them that I would catch up. As I gather my belongings and bike and headed towards the village to meet up with my friends I notice something that catches my attention, which I will get to. But first, on this very day we slept in and had a bit of a late start as we browsed the stores and the shops in the morning for year end (mountain biking) sale items and cool stuff. For anyone who knows me, they will know that I always have an eye in the sky to see just what is going on up there, and this day was no different. I noticed a few streaks (linear cloud formations) in the sky from what I call spray planes. If you are new here and unaware of spray planes (see here) Anyways, I notice these things and have for years. I knew this was going to be a heavy spray day. So, as I am walking to the village to catch up with my friends, I notice this little girl with her mom who are looking up at the ‘clouds’ like I used to when I was a kid.

So, I over hear the little girl say – look at the clouds mommy.

And the mom says – yes I see it, they look like they are drifting down.

Now, at that point I thought to myself – I wish I had the time right now to explain to these people really what is happening with these ‘clouds’ and the reality of the situation. However, that was not an appropriate time to discuss this subject with strangers.

After that, that’s when it really hit home that this little girl will never really know, understand, or remember what a true blue sky looks like. I have thought about this lots before, but this is when it really hit me.

So later that day when we were riding up the chairlift I mentioned what happened to my friends I was with about the encounter I just explained. This is when my good friend said something that really put things into perspective for me. He said – even if you did stop and talk to those people about what is going on in the sky, they would most likely call you crazy and simply dismiss what I would be trying to explain to them – and sadly I have to agree with him on that.

This reminds me of a saying that is over 500 years old and still rings true today.

There are three types of people

Those who see

Those who see when shown

Those who do not see

Leonardo da Vinci. Circa 1490

Which do you want to be?

Now I completely understand why people choose not to see or accept our current reality – because no doubt about it – it’s scary shit. But, by simply ignoring it only enables and perpetuates its existence.

Now lest we forget, that this post is all about thanks.

So here goes…

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of leisure in Whistler with good company and good friends

I am thankful that I have been given the gift that allows me to see things that most people cannot – although it does feel like a burden and a curse sometimes

I am thankful that I was born into a loving family

I am thankful to have lived my entire life during a time of plenty and have never had to go hungry

I am thankful that I have never been directly subject to war or violence

I am thankful that I live in a free country – although our freedom is under serious pressure from the real crazies

I am thankful that I understand and comprehend the reality of the situation and am doing my best to support and encourage positive change

I am thankful that more people are starting to awaken and beginning to understand the reality of the situation

I am thankful that although the topics we discuss here at reality next are still taboo – we still have the freedom of speech to discuss them – however this is rapidly changing

I am thankful that there is still hope for a better future and that in reading this blog you are now more aware, and that you are taking the time to understand and think about things that really do matter to our future and our well being here on this planet we all call home

What the BIS?


So now that we are all up to speed here on a brief history of the US Federal Reserve. Let’s take a closer look at our money system here at home. Canada. That’s right, it’s a great nation, but as you all know, or should know; Canada is not free from scandal or having bankster’s on a covert mission to hijack our money supply. As the saying goes…

Give me control of a Nations money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.

So, up until 1974 the Bank of Canada could, and did loan out money to the people of Canada to fund many different things. During the grips of the Great Depression known as the ‘dirty thirties’ there were very few jobs to be had in Canada. So what the Nation did was turn to the Bank of Canada to print some money to snap us out of the great depression. Legal tender was printed and loaned to the public interest free. This money was used for the war efforts, and coincidentally at the time we had the 3rd largest navy fleet in the world. A great achievement for a country with little population yet a great land mass. After the war this money was used for major infrastructure projects such as the St Lawrence Seaway and hydro electric project, the Trans Canada Hwy was built. It was also used to build hospitals and help fund a world renowned medical system. You name it, anything that helped make this country great, this interest free money funded. Times were good, society was riding the coat tails of the post war boom, politico’s could mostly be trusted. Life was good.

Almost too good I guess, as the globalist of the day did not like this deal Canada had going. After all we were a peaceful Nation with with a massive land mass filled with riches. How could we have our own money supply?

Well now. We can thank the late Pierre Trudeau, for in 1974 he decided to sign over Guidance and Control of the Canadian Banking System to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Up until 1974 Canada had a sound banking system, where there was very little inflation of the currency and we had a very manageable National debt. Have a look at the chart below and you will clearly see.


So why would Pierre Elliot Trudeau do this to our great Nation?

Well Mr. Trudeau was a Bilderburg attentdee, and if you have been following along and paying attention here you will know what the Modus Operandi or MO of that group is all about.

If you would like a refresher see Bilder Who?

Now let’s look at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and see what their MO is all about. Here is an  excerpt taken from a link here that says a lot by saying a little

Maybe we’d feel better about the BIS if it were more transparent, but most everything about it, including its bi-monthly member and board meetings, is shrouded in secrecy. And perhaps more worrisome is that the BIS is free from any democratic oversight. By rights granted under its agreement with the Swiss Federal Council, all of the bank’s archives, documents and “any data media” are “inviolable at all times and in all places.” Furthermore, officers and employees of BIS “enjoy immunity from criminal and administrative jurisdiction, save to the extent that such immunity is formally waived, even after such persons have ceased to be officials of the Bank.” Finally, no claims against BIS or its deposits may be enforced “without the prior agreement of the Bank.” In other words, they can do whatever they want, without consequences.

Not very heart warming that is for sure.

Honestly it breaks my heart. But, no point in crying over spilt milk. As these problems are not going to go away or solve themselves.

This system currently leaves us (the tax payer) locked into a perpetual cycle of chasing compound interest on debt that can mathematically never be paid off.

So, what is really happening the world over is this; the globalists bankers (the real crazies) are setting up Sovereign Nation’s up with crippling debt’s. They are setting these Sovereign Nation’s up to fail. They want Sovereign Nation’s to fail as they would be more than happy to set up shop, as one stop shop, global bank for the world. These globalists have given themselves the right and the power to print money from nothing no less, and charge taxes on everything. Essentially keeping us enslaved to an unjust system. I know it all sounds crazy, and it is down right crazy. But, one needs not look very far to see the signs of things to come.

Simple observation of the world around us tells the tale.

One can ignore reality, but one cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality



There’s no mistaking that we are living in interesting times. Some people say that within our lifetime or perhaps a generation or two we will see an economic collapse of our current debt based economy. However, if you take a closer look at the situation you will realize and see that we are currently living through an economic collapse. Just most can’t see the forest for the trees.

Let’s have a closer look. Shall we?

So the last few posts here at Reality Next have really shed some light on the elaborate scam that the Federal Reserve has going on the US government (the American people) and how that scam is perpetuated on the rest of world through the use of the petrol dollar currency. Now it is no wonder that the few who are really behind this scam want to keep it going and keep it secret. However, to the rest of us roaming this planet who just want to live in peace, have clean drinking water, and have affordable food and shelter; well our current system is rapidly becoming a pretty raw deal. I understand things have been good for us here in North America, and most have lived quite a privileged life, but times they are a changing. May I suggest to avoid utter heart break in the near future, one should learn to expect less. You see while we have been consumed with consuming, the banksters have been pulling a fast one on our financial and political systems to the point where they are close to catastrophic failure.

No one person is to blame and no one person can solve the problem.

So this brings us back to the US dollar being the world reserve currency. A currency in which the rest of the world uses to settle their debts with one another and complete business transactions. This has allowed the United States to export its inflation to the rest of the world as the rest of the world desires their currency. Fair enough. No other country in the world has the option to print trillions of dollars without destroying their currency and causing massive inflation. Now the reason this works for the US and for all other countries doing business in US dollars because they all have confidence that the US dollar has value. There is no longer any said reserve for the US dollar. It is simply backed by confidence. People have confidence that they can take that said dollar and exchange it for food, for shelter, for water, for transportation, for useless crap they don’t need, or whatever they so desire. There is confidence that at sometime at a later date the person holding the paper money the US dollar (or any other fiat currency for that matter will) be able to exchange it for tangible goods.

This confidence has been built up over the years and decades and very few now question the strength and confidence of the US dollar. Now like any good relationship we all know that years of trust and confidence can be shattered in an instance under the right circumstance. Just what that circumstance is for the US dollar remains to be seen, but if we are to use history as a guide… Well every boom ends with a bust. When and what triggers this bust is the variable, the bust is the constant. Research any paper currency and see how it ends. It is not different this time.

Now today was an interesting day that many economists had ear marked on their calendar. Today was the day the US Federal Reserve was to announce their interest rate policy. Many economist thought that today was the day that we would finally get lift off from ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) after over 6 years of these ’emergency’ low rates. Well we didn’t get any lift off despite all of the headlines that the US economy is growing and in recovery mode after 3 rounds of QE (qualitative easing) which can be simplified to money printing to the tune of about 4 trillion dollars. Now after all this fixing of the markets and money printing after the 2009 GFC (global financial crisis) the US is still stuck at ZIRP. Sucks for savers.

For over 60 years now the world has looked to the US as a beacon of hope for freedom in the world, a chance, and a shot at the American dream. The rest of the world for the most part was happy with the big kid on the block so long as the rules of the game remained relatively fair. However, the rules of the game have been changed and thanks to the internet and freedom of speech the cracks are starting to show. There is a much better way to do business and I am sure the vast majority of people would like to get on with a much more fair way to conduct their business. This is where confidence or lack there of will come into play.

If the rest of the world does successfully turn their back on the US dollar and find other ways to do business then the US will see massive inflation and a currency collapse. This is why it seems they will stop at nothing these days to protect and preserve the reserve currency status they have on the world stage. If the world were to stop doing business in US dollars then all those trillions of dollars that have been printed and exported would come home to roost as demand and confidence abroad ceases to exist.

All of that exported inflation will be home to haunt holders of US dollars. Just some food for thought.

The real crazies know this and do not want you, or us to.

I will leave you with a quote from Dr Paul Craig Roberts who has some serious cred with regards to US monetary policy. Having been deeply involved with the US government during the Reagan administration.

The democratic processes are corrupted, the people are ignorant – they’ve got no idea of what’s going on or what to do about it, and neither do the economists – and certainly the policy makers in government have no clue, and so correcting it is really out of the question – it’s going to blow up

Please choose to NOT be part of the ignorant people.

With Interest?


Let’s continue on from our last post here at Reality Next and look into money creation and interest.

Now most bankers or economists will tell you that the creation of money is more complex than doing quadratic equations while playing guitar and riding a unicycle, and that very few have the mental capacity to understand. Well in reality, it’s not that difficult to comprehend.

Let’s take a closer look.

First off since the Federal Reserve is a private entity. They are taking a skim off of every dollar they create out of nothing as a result of the interest charged to the US government (the American tax payer) on the money the Federal Reserve creates. They create the money which in turn is loaned to the US government with interest, that the tax payers are liable to repay. Now here is the kicker. Lets say the Federal Reserve creates 1000$, and to keep things simple let’s say that there is an interest rate of 10% charged to that 1000$. This brings the total debt to be repaid to 1100$, but the Federal Reserve only created 1000$. Therefore there is never enough money in circulation to ever pay back the debt that is owed. This debt based system thus keeps the US government perpetually in debt to the Federal Reserve. Now who is liable to the US government or any other government with a private central bank? If you guessed the tax paying public. You are correct.

Here is a short (3 min) video that simply explains what we just discussed.

Now you can easily see how being in the business of being a Central Bank is a very lucrative deal. Even the best natured person with only the best of intentions would have a hard time not abusing this power for their own good. Now, what do you think might happen if the power was in the hands of a small group of people (the real crazies) who have been planning this control over decades and centuries? If you guessed we would be living in a crazy mixed up world driven by corruption and greed like we are now. You are correct again.

Ok. So let’s move on. The Federal Reserve is taking a skim off of the US government whom they own and control. Fact. If you still think otherwise you are sadly mistaken, and I would love to be proved wrong on this BTW. Now let’s look at how the US government and how the petrol dollar (the US dollar) takes a skim off of every barrel of oil sold world wide. Like we already discussed in the previous post. What is better than backing your currency with gold? Backing it with oil.

Since the the 1970’s the world has been using US dollars to purchase oil. This was a very clever move by the US government when they broke away from the Bretton Woods agreement and made a deal with Saudi Arabia that in exchange for military might the Saudi’s would only sell their sell their oil in US dollars. Eventually all OPEC (Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries) would follow suit and this became business as usual. OPEC would control the price through supply and demand outputs, and they would also ensure that if any country in the world wanted to buy oil that they would need to get their hands on some US dollars to do so.

So how does the US get a cut from oil being sold in US dollars anywhere on the globe? Well if you are a country with limited resources you would need to convert your currency to US dollars to purchase oil for energy. Now the transaction fees to do this are high and it is a costly and inefficient way to do business. The better way is to build or export something that the US wants or needs in exchange for the US dollars you need to buy oil. This system has worked immensely well for the US, as the Federal Reserve can literally create money out of nothing, charge interest to the US government (the American tax payers) then go trade that money for goods or imports so that some other country can by oil for their energy needs.

Another spin off to this system is that the US gets to export their inflation. See normally if a country prints and prints money like the US has, then the value of each dollar goes down because there are simply more dollars chasing the same amount of goods. Inflation of the currency. Now since there has been and there is still demand for US dollars because the rest of the world needs them to buy oil, the US has essentially exported their inflation. This is why the US government right now will stop at nothing to have the status quo maintained of all oil being sold in US dollars.

Like I have noted previously all the recent wars that have been happening have much more to do with how oil is sold and traded than they do with weapons of mass destruction or mean and evil dictators. Is it a coincidence that the so called axis of evil that George W Bush labelled are all countries wanting to buy oil without using US dollars to do so. I think not. The American people and the world have been lied to about what really happened on Sept 11, 2001 and are continually being lied to about current wars and geopolitical events.

There is more to come here at Reality Next on Federal reserve week so please stay tuned and remember this…

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it – George Orwell

Let’s understand rather than hate

Funny Money?

Federal Reserve Building

First off let me apologize to all you die hard Reality Next fans out there, as I took a little break. A sabbatical if you will, as I had a nice visit home with my family to celebrate a wedding.

Let’s get back to business here and talk about money. A subject we should all know a little more about as there is no way to survive in this world without it. Yet very few know much about it or understand its origins. After all they do not teach what we are going to talk about here in school. Sadly the powers that be would prefer you stayed ignorant to this subject which thus keeps us indebted to them.

I want to talk about Central Banks, and of these banks let’s start off with the grand daddy of all Central Banks; The Federal Reserve. This is the Central Bank for the United States of America and contrary to what the name would lead you to believe there is nothing Federal about it, nor do they really hold any reserves to the vast amount of monies they have been printing over the years. It’s a private bank, printing currency that is now simply backed by nothing more than trust.

America once had control over their own money supply that was backed by gold and silver. However, in around 1910 there were several secret meetings that took place on Jekyll Island of the coast of Georgia. The purpose of these meetings was to draft the then proposal for the Federal Reserve Act. Then on December 23rd 1913 while most of congress was home with their families, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law The Federal Reserve Act. That single act transferred the power and control of the Nations money supply from the United States Government into the hands of private bankers.

Since the Federal Reserve has had control of America’s money supply it had taken about 100 years to get an official audit, and the results were not good. See Here. Doesn’t look like a solid foundation for a currency that is backed only by trust. It seems they have strange concept of trust.

Now let’s talk about how the USD became simply backed only by trust as it once was backed by gold and silver. What happened?

All paper currencies started out as a paper receipt redeemable for gold or silver. Paper currencies were and are convenient to make change with and easily transported and exchanged for goods or services. After WW2 America ended up with large sums of gold which further backed their currency and the post war boom. However, as the years ticked on and America continued to expand and print their money supply other countries became suspicious of how much gold the US actually had in relation to the money they were printing. Remember that paper monies were once printed coupons redeemable to gold. Anyways, as the Vietnam war raged on and the Federal Reserve continued with its printing press, the world became more suspicious of America’s gold reserves in relation to printed dollars.

The Bretton Woods Agreement is an obligation for each country to adopt a monetary policy that maintained the exchange rate by tying its currency to gold. Well, in the early 1970’s when the rest of the world was questioning the ratio of USD to gold, the US who is at mercy to the Federal Reserve had no other option but to decouple their currency from the Bretton Woods standard, therefore no longer having their dollar backed by gold. However, crafty as they are these Central Bankers. Knowing that this would be a problem to not have your currency backed by gold, they (The Federal Reserve) in the most clever of ways backed their currency not by gold, but by the next best thing. Oil.

So how do you back your currency with oil. Well you could start by providing military might to the worlds largest oil producer who is having troubles with their neighbours in the region. Yep, they made a deal with Saudi Arabia, that if Saudi Arabia only sells oil in USD then they will get all the military support they need from the most powerful military on earth. And that is how the petrol dollar was born. The Federal Reserve simply gets a cut from every barrel of oil sold on a global scale, in USD. Now do you understand how they have pretty much unlimited funds for their war machine?

If you think the war in Iraq was really about weapons of mass destruction and planes flying into the World Trade Centre; well then… You are way way off. The war in Iraq was really about Saddam wanting to sell his oil in Euro dollars instead of US dollars. To this day these wars continue, but you will not hear the truth about them on CNN or FOX news.

Ok. So I went off on a bit of a tangent here and it’s clear to me now that this whole topic of Central Banks and the Federal Reserve is going to take much much more than these 897 words thus far to sort through. So looks like this is just the beginning of Federal Reserve week here at Reality Next.

Here is a link to a video on the Federal Reserve explained in 7 minutes.

I look forward to continuing with this conversation

Sustainable Development?


Sounds good on paper. Right?

I mean what’s not to like about sustainable development?

Plenty these days. You see sustainable development has been and is the UN’s (United Nation’s) catch phrase for Agenda 21 or soon to be Agenda 2030. I guess things were not moving fast enough or swift enough for the real crazies. (see glossary if you are new here) Perhaps the real crazies are realizing too many people are waking up and catching on to their ultimate plan, or perhaps they just feel like they can do whatever they want. Well, technically they have and are doing whatever they want with little to no resistance.

No one person can stand in front of this freight train that is about to smack true freedom right in the face. Truth is, we are and have been, as a society drifting further and further from the truth and true freedom for sometime now. While most have been distracted with matters of no real importance (I’m guilty too) the powers that be, the real crazies have been hard at work herding us into a trap.

Now that the trap has been set.

Let’s not be fooled, and take the bait.

Coming up in the next few weeks the UN (United Nation’s) or front for the NWO (New World Order) will be having a meeting where Pope Francis will address the Annual General Assembly of World Leaders in New York city on Sept 25. This meeting from Sept 25-27 will also be when the UN unveil their new platform for Agenda 21 which will now be called; The 2030 Agenda.

So why would the Pope, the leader of the Catholic church need to address the United Nation’s? Well let’s look into what the Vatican has been saying for years about what needs to happen. Doesn’t sound like sustainable development to me, but I shall let you decide.

Now this article goes back to October of 2011 and I will give you an excerpt here verbatim to let you decide what is going on.

A “global political authority” and a “central world bank”: These are the solutions that the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace recommends for the worldwide financial crisis. “Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority,” the document outlining the council’s recommendations, is, in the words of author and Roman Catholic Thomas E. Woods, Jr., “deeply confused,” at once recognizing that central bank-driven inflation and easy credit are at the root of the world’s financial woes and prescribing even bigger government and more highly centralized banking as the cure.

So right there the Catholic church is hinting at the fact, they claim that a global political authority is required to fix a worldwide financial crisis. Yet some remain deeply confused as to why a larger more centralized banking system would be the cure to the world’s financial troubles. As they are also seen as the root cause?

But that’s not all.

Here is another article from the Business Insider dated Oct 2011 goes onto state.

Vatican officials accidentally call for the establishment of a One World Global “Authority” to regulate financial markets and national governments.

The Business Insider then goes on to pull an excerpt from the exact same article that the above dissected. Just so you are well aware; both the above articles were base on study of an exact article taken off the Vatican website. You’re welcome to read it here if you like. I’m thankful that some have taken the time to read and understand it, because it’s a rather dull read. Anyways let’s take a closer look at what the Business Insider found.

A supranational Authority of this kind should have a realistic structure and be set up gradually. It should be favourable to the existence of efficient and effective monetary and financial systems; that is, free and stable markets overseen by a suitable legal framework, well-functioning in support of sustainable development and social progress of all, and inspired by the values of charity and truth. It is a matter of an Authority with a global reach that cannot be imposed by force, coercion or violence, but should be the outcome of a free and shared agreement and a reflection of the permanent and historic needs of the world common good

A supranational Authority. Really? Let’s look up supranational

Supranational – having power or influence that transcends national boundaries or governments.

Secondly. How is it that free markets have to be overseen? Would that not be contradictory of free markets?

The writing is on the wall folks. They can sugar coat these Agenda’s and use key words like ‘sustainable development’ or for the ‘common good’ but please don’t be fooled by it all. We are currently living in a time of plenty, no one in the world should go hungry, or not have clean drinking water. But they do. Central banks can print infinite amounts of money, yet the gap between the rich and the poor grows steady by the day. The church, or the state is not interested in our well being, they simply pretend to care to win our hearts and our minds to further their own agenda of complete control over our lives.

Sustainable development is nothing more then having the church and the state micro-manage our lives for what they are going to call the ‘common good’. Left unchecked, or only overseen by a ‘supranational authority’ this micro-management will become relentless. They real crazies don’t want you and I to have free will, they don’t want communities to support themselves and each other. They want complete control and complete dependence on the corrupt system that they provide. This sustainable development angle is nothing more then a clever play on words to get the masses to accept their new master.

Don’t be fooled.

And just in case you thought this new Pope. Pope Francis is different from his predecessors; have a look here what he most recently has to say about a world government.

Don’t be fooled. The church or state’s version of eliminating poverty has nothing to do with eliminating poverty. On the contrary, their plan is to make poverty universal to all but them. It’ll be for the ‘common good’ right? We have all the tools we need right now to eliminate poverty. We just lack the leadership and will to make it happen.

Like it or not, we are merely one crisis away, be it fabricated (most likely) or by chance, from a dreaded one world government where unelected officials dictate to us, just how it’s going to be. You think our elected leaders are shady? Just wait until they have absolute power.  You know what they say about absolute power; It corrupts absolutely.

This is why, now more than ever, we need to free our minds from the years of programming that has been carefully scripted to keep us all dumbed down. Years of programming that has taught us not to think for ourselves. Years of programming that has taught us not to question authority. Years of programming that has taught us to trust our ‘leaders’ without question. Years of programming that has taught us to believe everything we hear on the nightly news. Years of programming that has taught us that anyone who does not agree must be some sort of crazy conspiracy theorist.

Ask yourself this…

Do we really need a supranational authority to keep us safe in our own community?

Cloud Sound?

wall ride

I want to talk about an observation that I have had for some time now, but haven’t really talked much about it. Like all new discoveries about how twisted things have become, it takes keen observation and time to piece these things all together. Now just like when I first started talking about spray planes, people would say “no way, that’s crazy. They’re just planes.” Then years go by and all of the sudden the act of seeding and spraying our atmosphere, with who knows what, is not so far fetched. In fact it’s blatantly obvious once you realize what is happening.

What I have noticed for the past few years, and in retrospect, one occasion going back close to 10 years now is a strange sound that resonates from the sky. Now I know full well what a commercial jet flying overhead sounds like. I live on Vancouver Island just under a flight path for commercial jets crossing the Pacific from Vancouver or other International airports, and trust me I pay attention to any air craft I see or hear. Hence the reason I noticed ‘chemtrails’ or spray planes long before most people clued in.

So let’s examine further.

Shall we?

Remember back in June when I did a post on Contrails? I mentioned in that post that usually you do not hear spray planes as they have what some refer to as ‘hushers’ on the engines to quiet them down and to be a little more sneaky. Well, through my observations there must be some truth to that, because you don’t hear the planes that spray the thick trails like you do regular commercial jets. That is not really relevant to our discussion here, but just wanted to give you more food for thought if you are just joining in.

So let’s get to what is relevant here.

These nosies I have been hearing in the sky kind of sound like a commercial jet, but if you listen closely they are not. They don’t really have an origin like a jet overhead and they don’t really fade like a jet getting further and further in the distance. They are mysterious and given what we know about what is really going on they are rather disturbing. Now I understand that most people are far too busy to listen for jets overhead, and if you are not paying close attention it would be easy to just have these sounds slowly over time embedded into our subconscious. Now that is probably the intention, but I’m not gonna settle for that. Let’s try to understand.

Now the only time I really hear these sounds are when I am outside at my house, or in the forest hiking or digging on mountain bike trails, or riding my bike. Makes sense right? I don’t hear them when I am at work; in an office or loud shop. I don’t hear them driving down the highway with the music going and windows up or down. You see how these sounds could easily go unnoticed to most? Even regular city noise would simply drown out or make them too difficult to pin point or detect. This is simply how this stuff goes unnoticed.

These strange cloud noises I think have everything to do with HAARP. Again refer to the link above for a crash course on HAARP if you like. Supposedly the HAARP antennas are Ionospheric Heaters that are used to manipulate the Ionosphere and by doing this they can manipulate the weather. Most of what I have read and researched about this states that by stretching out the Ionosphere they can manipulate the jet streams by creating high and low pressure zones, thus manipulating the weather. How about those new polar vortex’s that just showed up and we now hear so much about?

So next time you hear what you think might be a commercial jet overhead take a look to the sky and see what you see. listen closely to what you hear, and understand that these strange sounds might sound similar to a jet overhead, but don’t take my word for it. Know that what you just might be hearing is something straight out of the real life sci-fi we seem to be living.

Perhaps this is why the real crazies love to keep us distracted with matters of no real importance, sports, celebrity gossip, and tee vee.

While there is little we can do about this right now to stop what is going on. The least we can do is to educate ourselves and try to get a better understanding about the world in which we all live. A better understanding will help us to make better decisions going forward. Future generations especially need to understand the trap that has been set. We need to educate ourselves and our youth. Teach them and ourselves to think about what’s happening and help each other spot the deception and lies of our current state.

For the real crazies have the masses hypnotized in a trance like state to keep humanity from awakening to our true potential.

They know this.

Most of us do not.

Look up and listen up, things are happening fast.