Well now that the dust has somewhat settled after the Terrorist attacks in Paris, the new sentiment seems to be a delusional sense about refugees.

Before we get started let’s just do what I typically do to break things down. See, I am no English scholar, heck after I finished high school I could barely spell my name nor string a sentence together. Math was my forte’, not the languages. So, what did a guy like myself do when confronted with not having a good grasp of my first language? I got a dictionary. A small one that I could carry around with me so I could easily look up words, to learn to properly spell them, as well as to ensure I was using them in the proper context. I guess looking back I have come a long way. Far from perfect, but a work in progress. However, this blog post is not about my twisted learning curve of the English language. It’s about what many people are talking about these days. Syrian refugees.

So let’s look up refugee.

Refugee РA person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

No where in that definition does it say Islamic militants.

Could they happen to slip through?


Should we close or borders to the ones who are genuinely fleeing war and wanting only to live in peace?


This is where people have an irrational fear of the unknown. Remember that the purpose of the main stream media is to foster fear amongst the population. Sadly they know that an ignorant and fearful population is much easier to herd, steer, and CONTROL. So far it is a smashing sucess.

One thing the main stream media likes to portray is that terrorism is strictly a one way street, or a single sided affair. This is not the case. Understand that we will never be told the truth through the main stream media and most of what we see is nothing more than half truths based on actual events that have been molded to fit the current agenda.

Now being that there is, indeed, two sides to every story we need to understand that the West has been bombing and invading the Middle East with intensity since George W Bush decided to unilaterally and illegally invade Iraq following 9/11. Now I am no Middle East expert, but I do know that bombing the shit out of a country and leaving a power vacuum behind amongst the rubble is going to have some side effects. The CIA actually has a term for this and it’s called blowback. All those displaced by the Iraq war had to end up somewhere, and I would guess some of them made there way to neighbouring Syria.

I feel like many people here fail to see how the events unfolding now are simply repercussions of bad decisions made over a decade ago. Of course the main stream media will not tell you this, and perhaps like many other questionable events it has indeed all been planned. Time will tell. If history is simply not just digitally deleted.

One more thing I want to touch on here before I close this post out with the original point I wanted to share. I had a written conversation recently that got me thinking. It is nice to share thoughts with wise and knowledgable people after all. The conversation was about the attacks in Paris and the point I was trying to make was what we just discussed. How terrorism has two sides to it. I suggested that the  world is full of good people, and that the good people vastly out numbered the bad. And he agreed, but also noted that it only took a dozen people to cripple the a city of 2.4 million. Paris. While I agreed on that, I also noted that it takes less than a dozen war planes to destroy an entire country, and that is the side of the story most rarely think about, or see.

So before you jump on the bandwagon of hating refugees, please take some time to think…

Perhaps look at your own bloodline, or look at the bloodlines of some of your closest friends and look just to see from where they came. Many fled Europe during the onset of the first world war, and many fled the violence of Nazi Germany in WW2. Many of those who did flee the Nazi’s then donned the uniform of their new found country and went to fight the enemy they fled. Just because people have the unfortunate circumstance of being caught in the middle of someone else war, doesn’t mean they want to fight. Many of these past refugees also went on to live peaceful lives and become productive members of a healthy society. Some may even be your parents or you grandparents.

The vast majority of people on this planet simply want to live in peace. Western Nations have not been very understanding or accommodating of this to the people of the Middle East in recent years.

A little understanding goes a long way. Please take some time to understand that things are not what they seem these days.

We are figuratively swimming in a sea of bullshit, while some poor family trying to escape violence is actually swimming in a sea to safety.

Let’s not deny them that right.

Canada has a huge land mass and the world is currently a messed up place.

Violence begets violence. Understanding is our only hope.

One day you just might be thankful that a stranger shows some compassion for you. There’s a good chance someone in your lineage was.

One thought on “Refugees?

  1. Enjoyed Refugees? A lot of his are the products of refugees somewhere in our lineage.
    That 1990’s creation “Project for the New American Century” was the neocon blueprint, put into action by the ‘enabling event’ that we know as 9/11. Iraq, Afghanistan were bombed & invaded. As long as you have survivors, you will have refugees. Many refugees will only seek a better outcome for their families, but some will have a vendetta – wouldn’t I?
    I believe the US has an obligation -larger than anyone- as we wantonly began this ceaseless WAR on no evidence. My opinion anyway.
    I read your comment from “the other blog” where I posted by sister-in-laws letter of Mar 21, 2003. We were not the only recipients of that letter, but her kids, too.
    Yes, citizens fail to understand the consequences of their government’s actions, and citizens’ will likely bear the retribution visited upon the offending country at some point. The people by now should realize their government is out of their control, but how now to wrest is back is the looming question.
    I started to question the gov. back in my high school days of the 1960’s with Vietnam. In that era of black & white TV, newspapers, news magazines, and 271 “underground papers” here, and at least 11 in Canada during those times, it was fairly easy to get information, but you were not quite sure it was ever all honest – and it was NOT! Yet, enough proved accurate never to disregard alternative media. Then, or now. Whether the 5th Estate, OZ, Shepherd Express, Ramparts, the NY times, Chicago American (now gone) or dozens of others from those days. Strangely, I spent the last 25 years working for the FED (in transportation safety & law) though never fully trusted them. Guess just reading their history on Indian treaties gives on a clue.
    Bring in the refugees, we have plenty of room, we can share our wealth, and we are a melting pot, and more than a few crack pots, too after all.

    I certainly hope humanity can sort things out and expose the real criminals and war mongers. I always find it refreshing when people of your generation can see and understand just what we are up against – Scott

    Retired Boomer

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