Shell Game?


So for all you frequent readers here at Reality Next… You well know that we often discuss how shadow governments and private central banks are really the ones who call the shots and are the ones responsible for most all the chaos in our world today. These somewhat nameless folks are known for funding both sides of conflicts in order to perpetuate their war machine, keep us in fear, and further tighten control of our personal liberty and freedom. All the while they think they have us convinced that it is all necessary for our own safety and security.

Are you convinced?

Now before we get right into what I want to talk about today I just want to share with you the following quote…

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety – Benjamin Franklin

This quote that is now about 260 years old has as much relevance now as it has ever had. It at least deserves some thought as we seem to now be a culture who are more than happy to surrender our freedoms in the name of safety without giving much thought to the long term consequences of doing so.

Now, what I want to talk about today is the funding of our new enemy ‘ISIS’ and their connection to our supposed to be friend, the United States Government. It seems there are some rather large conflicts of interests going on behind the scenes and I am sure there is much much more to the story than what has been leaked out. Either way the United States Government seems to be sleeping with the enemy.  How long this treasonous act is allowed to go on will depend I guess on how quickly the masses awaken to the deception.

The links I am talking about are well documented in a book written by Scott Bennett, a former Army intelligence officer and once private contractor to CIA.

I myself have not read the book as I have just recently discovered it, but the book has been described as the following by Scott, himself…

An epiphany of political-military intelligence, failure, and opportunity.

This is the true story of what might possibly be viewed by history as the greatest example of political corruption, military failure, and media conspiracy, in the history of the United States of America—if not Western Civilization. It spans the globe through the web of modern international banking, terrorist organizations, and the military-intelligence-media complex; and yet has remained hidden to most Americans because of Congressional cowardice and corruption, the Patriot Act’s unconstitutional authoritarianism, and the brain-numbing paranoia of constantly combating Islamic extremists (now, like National Security, conveniently redefined as an endlessly evolving term).

… a rallying cry which exposes a lie, emboldens readers to demand answers from their government officials, military officers, and journalists who’ve metastasized the lie, and leads people toward the renaissance of freedom and peace which only an information-privacy revolution can inspire—both in America and the world.

This is the story which occurred before Bradley Manning overflowed with conviction, and the story which eventually prompted and inspired Edward Snowden to help reveal the same information to the American people and the citizens of the free world.

The book “SHELL GAME” provides the paradigm for Americans to confirm their identity, shift their government and laws around, and firmly establish their future upon. The choice to read and be renewed, is entirely the reader’s.

It is hoped this information will empower you with the knowledge, confidence, and relationships that will make you powerful in the arena of public policy. As a leader of your community, and a liaison to the highest levels of the intelligence community, you now have the duty, the burden, and the blessing to enlighten your family, friends, and neighbors about your discoveries—and the feelings they inspire. Make no mistake, your family and friends’ freedom is dependent upon your work to awaken them; and as difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable, as arousing people content in their sleep can be, it is our spiritual calling and duty to do so. So I encourage you in your challenge.

Thank you for choosing to nourish your mind with truth, make a stand and fight against the tyranny of lies, and sojourn boldly into the kaleidescopic adventure of intelligence

I was going to edit and condense how Scott described his book, but after reading it again, I figured that they are his words and he put them together like that for a reason so I left them be.

The reason I stumbled across this book and the following video is because I was looking for further evidence that ties Western government to our newest and most recent enemy. I will let you watch the video and draw your own conclusion, but for those who do not have time I will quickly summarize it for you.

Scott Bennett’s story goes… He was an Army intelligence officer who was also contracted by the CIA to look into how and where terrorists groups got their money, or funding. His work led him to some very suspect sources of funding for terrorists groups at which point he sounded some alarm bells. Sadly though, rather then anyone looking closer into who was funding these terror groups, he was instead arrested and imprisoned of phony charges and relived of his duties. Out of sheer coincidence he ends up in prison with a Swiss banker who was also set up and on the run from another arm of the CIA as he had a lot of insider knowledge and account details about what sort of deals were being made on an international level through some Swiss bank accounts. Scott while still in prison at the time continues to draft reports and write letters to officials about what he knows, because he is still an Army intelligence officer who is determined to take the moral high road.

Link to Scott Bennett’s story

The story is still not over and it is a tall tale that reads like fiction, but is really the sad reality of how corrupt the the United States government has become with their obsession and support of the Military Industrial Complex.

Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us long ago

After the first world war all the factories in America that were used to build weapons and war machines were quickly retooled to build consumer goods and domestic products. After the second world war all the factories that were used to build weapons and war machines were not retooled at all. Instead they have been given massive amounts of funding and financial support and have now grown into this out of control entity that thrives on death, destruction and perpetual war.