Twenty First Century Agenda?

agenda 21

Agenda 21… What is it?

By now unless you have been living under a rock or have been just too enamoured with your tee vee programming, you have heard the term Agenda 21.

So what is it?

The short of it is, Agenda 21 is the platform for a one world government dictatorship.

There is nothing secret about Agenda 21 in fact, anyone can easily find a PDF file  on the declaration of Agenda 21 at the Earth Summit that happened in Rio de Janeiro in June of 1992. Even though the deal is no secret, they are also not being fully clear about the deal either. All while making it sound too good to pass up. I’m thinking sleazy salesman technique here.

Ignorance is bliss, or is it?

Make no mistake Agenda 21 is about complete control over our lives, where we simply become slaves to the ruling class, all while being told it’s for our own good. This is where the sleazy salesman technique is being used. Most everyone wants to reduce their carbon foot print, live in a clean healthy environment, take care of themselves, and raise a family. However, the ruling class do not see it this way. While we are distracted with mindless tee vee, sports, and celebrity gossip the ruling class is very creatively creating a real live version of the Hunger Games for us to play in.

Sound crazy?

I know it does, and is.

So how does a blockbuster movie such as the Hunger Games tie into Agenda 21? Remember the recent article here on this wonderful blog where we were talking about PSYOP’s and the subconscious conditioning of the population (us) and our planned future? Well this is what this movie is all about.  Here is a short video excerpt from David Icke making comparisons with Agenda 21 and the Hunger Games (the quality is crap, but you really only need the audio). For those who do not know about David Icke he is doing and has done an immense amount of research into these global conspiracies that I talk about here and he has a fantastic understanding of what is really going on. The video I provided is a clip from an 8hr show he did at Wembley Arena in October 2014. The video used to be available free on Youtube, but I see it has since been pulled and is now available for rent from his site here. Now I know the typical scripted answer from the deniers out there is that this guy is just another crazy loon trying to make a quick buck. Well he’s not, and the Hunger Games makes millions and no one bats and eye to the real agenda behind it. Ok perhaps I sound defensive there, but I am used to the typical response from those who are still in denial about the subject we discuss here, and that they are really really happening right before our eyes.

Common Core – Another fine example of Agenda 21 and the dumming down of our children and teaching them not to be critical thinkers, but to be ‘Global Citizens’. I have to admit that the ruling class and the ones behind Agenda 21 have put some serious thought into their catch phrases. Here is a good article for more information about common core and our current education system. Sadly common core is all about indoctrination of or children into a system that discourages critical thought and encourages obedience. Please ask yourself with all of your heart if this is a world you want to grow old in and have your children raised in. We are currently the last line of defense to save and encourage critical thinking of the world around us. For if children are not taught these skills, but rather encouraged to mindlessly follow orders then I fear for the future we are blindly walking into. It’s time we think about the world around us and teach the young to as well.

SMART Meters – Just another example of Agenda 21 right in our face. If you think that SMART meters are about saving the environment and consuming less energy… Well you have been fooled. Time to exercise those critical thinking skills. Here is a good article about some truths behind these SMART meters installed into your homes that you will not find from the manufacturer, the utility company, the ones installing them, the MSM, or our very own government.These meters are criminal, yet soon to be if not already installed on every house in North America, Europe, and I’m sure wherever the ruling class feels they need to be.

Yes I know folks, a lot of what you read here is depressing and sad and a tough pill to swallow, but ignoring the facts will only guarantee that things will only get worse and not better.

You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

I do have hope for the future and do feel that there is a mass awakening taking place. People like Abby Martin keep me inspired to keep on keeping on with writing this blog and do my best to help awaken the masses