Women’s Lib?


Ok. So we now if you have been paying attention and following along here at Reality Next you definitely understand that things are not quite what they seem. While there are no easy solutions to any of the problems we discuss here. Simply doing nothing will seal the fate of your generation, our generation, and future generations.

So let’s take a closer look into Pandora’s Box.

I have been wanting to make mention of Aaron Russo for sometime now, but have not yet found a way to fit him in here at Reality Next.  Aaron first caught my attention when I saw a short video clip of him speaking about the women’s liberation movement. Aaron seemed like a very genuine man when he spoke about the real truth behind this movement. However, in the first clip I seen of him, I did not catch his name or have any idea who he was or what he was all about. Well eventually I did figure out his name and decided to learn more about him.

Before we get too far into this post I suggest you watch this short (12min) interview with him so you can draw your own conclusion.

Now the reason I say draw your own conclusion is because that was, and is still my intentions behind this blog. I’ve always encouraged people to exercise their critical thinking skills, and encourage you to decide for yourself, what or who you want to believe. After all, even if we don’t all agree, at least thinking about things keeps the gears turning upstairs. All part of a healthy mind, body and soul.

I find that this short interview with Aaron sums up many of the topics we discuss here on this sometimes scary yet informative blog. The topic I am referring to is the foundation for a one world government and complete control over our lives via financial institutions run by secret group of unelected private bankers. Now I don’t suggest you take my word or anyone else’s word for this, but simple observation of the world around us tells a tall tale.

When I first started writing this post, my idea for the post was to discuss looking at, and thinking about things with a different perspective from what we have been taught or led to believe by what we see on tee vee. The women’s liberation snippet with Aaron just happened to be a good segue I guess.

Now is the time that we need to question things more and openly discuss the wrong doings and sometimes criminal behaviour by our elected ‘leaders’. My intentions are not to paint every politician with the same brush, but rather get people thinking about, and understanding what is really going on. Now obviously I don’t really know what is going on either, but I have been piecing the story together over the years, and this blog is just my way of sharing my research and observations.

A recent event with regards to the Federal election here in Canada that is worth some thought happened in a riding close to where I live on Vancouver Island. A Liberal candidate recently stepped down in her riding (after being told to, I would bet) over comments she made on her Facebook page in 2010. The CBC article (here) states that she made comments on her Facebook page that questioned the official story (which has holes big enough to drive a bus through ) about 9-11. Notice the post in the article has also been removed. Touchy subject I guess. My point with this, is that these sort of events require our thought and attention. Simply because, what I get from the events that transpired here is that this topic is not open for discussion. This tells me that no elected ‘leaders’ in this ‘free’ Nation are allowed to discuss any events on 9-11 other than the official story that has been spoon fed to us by the main stream media. This is a shady form of democracy.

Fact is that we have been told by insiders and warned about what is coming yet most still refuse to believe it. The late Aaron Russo became friends with Nick Rockefeller and perhaps Nick spilled too many beans to the wrong person (or the right person for our case) and the cat got out of the bag. Everything happens for a reason. Either way I will let you decide and let you observe what is happening once again so you can draw your own conclusion. Here is a link to a short video explaining Aaron’s connection and reason behind the insight he had.

The scary truth is worth some thought. This is where I find and see hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Box. The hope I see, is that we reach a critical mass of critical thinking which will then turn the tide of the power and control that the few hold over the many. For it is physically impossible for the few to hold and wield this power over the many without manipulation of our minds. For we need not fear the globalist, for without us I doubt they could feed themselves for a day. The real problem lies with their henchmen and the one’s who enforce and support their unjust system. That is why the more people who awaken and understand the system and what is really happening the better chance we all have for justice and freedom in this world.

I am a firm believer that the vast majority of people who inhabit this planet do not want to fight with one another. Most people simply want to live in peace and get on with their lives. This carefully crafted system of lies and manipulation is the real reason behind much of the conflict and inequality we face today.

Understanding this gives me hope that we can turn things around. It takes a long time to steer a big ship.

At the end of it all I know what side I’m on.

Which side do you prefer?

See the full interview (here) between Alex Jones and Aaron Russo.

RIP Aaron. Thanks for sharing.