I would like to take sometime now to discuss what this blog was, and still really is all about.


Now I know I stated right from the start, although not exactly sure where, but I did state that this blog was going to be nothing more than a blog about words. A blog about words containing nothing more than words. Now, how I structure these words will most likely offend some. Especially those who have been following along to the official narrative we have been sold by the main stream media. These same words I use may also help clear some confusion as to what is really going on. While at the same time these words may also bring about more questions than answers. But, let’s be very clear; all I present here at Reality Next is nothing more than structured words.

A wise man once said…

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

This is where the power of words comes in. Currently our system has been, and is being hijacked through little more than the the use of words. We live in a rather civil society where most of us get along quite well. Most of us go about our daily lives not even giving much thought to the power of words. The same words that we here at Reality Next use to try to convey a message of truth are the very same words that have been and are being used for our enslavement to an unjust system. The same words with…

Different structure

Different arrangement

Which lead to a…

Different meaning

A wise man also said…

We will not be conquered by sword, but by the stoke of a pen.

And with that stoke of a pen words will get signed into laws. Words being signed into laws have no bias to how they are structured or are represented. These words care not about what they represent for they are merely just words on paper, or words on a screen. But, they do have meaning.

Words have no moral values, but we humans do.

This is where I hope to use the power of words to invoke thoughts about what is happening in the world today. My goal here at Reality Next is to use words to get people thinking and discussing what is happening in our world. Even if at times the words we use here make some uncomfortable or push one’s comfort zone on reality, these words are important yet ultimately harmless.

Thought provoking? Yes.

Dangerous? No.

So why do modern governments seem so concerned with words these days?

If you think they are not. Think agin.

Modern governments are so concerned with the words we speak and write that there is, and has been a very complex global surveillance network set up that spies on all of us ‘free’ citizens. We are all free to do what we want so long as we do as we are told. This surveillance network they will claim is for our own safety and used to prevent terrorist attacks. However, terrorists attacks still happen despite the vast amounts of data collected. Either the system they have set up is flawed, or the system they have set up has nothing at all to do with our safety. From my research I have to go with the latter on that statement.

The following is a link to a short video (10 min) about modern global surveillance known as PRISIM and Echelon

Now, this post is not about global surveillance. This post is about words.

Let’s look at a clever play on words that I first noticed during the news coverage of the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010. The phrase I am talking about here is the term ‘free speech zone’ this was where the non violent protesters were corralled and given right exercise their right to free speech. But wait a minute. If one has to be herded and corralled to a certain location to exercise their free speech, then that is not really having a right to free speech. The very term ‘free speech zone’ is an oxymoron. A play on words that muzzles the voice of the people.

I don’t write here at Reality Next because I want to. I write because I feel like it is the right thing to do. I feel like we need to, now more than ever exercise our right to free speech. We need to exercise this wonderful right before governments use their craft plays on words to eliminate our voice without notice. See ‘free speech zone’. How many people noticed?

There is no way to physically fight what is coming. The current war is being waged on our minds. This war was initiated as a covert operation and with the use of modern technology and social media it has grown into a behemoth monster. The goal of this operation is to monitor our thoughts, subdue our curiosity and as always to keep us dumbed down to an easily controlled and manipulated slave population.

Is it working?

You decide.

Now this blog post is and has been nothing more than a play on words. You see the words I choose to write here are chosen to provoke thought and perhaps enlighten an individual to the reality of the situation. While I may not have started this blog because I wanted to. I am sure glad that I did. For this blog has given me the opportunity to think about things more myself, educate myself, dig deeper, share knowledge and thoughts, and most of all…

Really think about things…